So, you’re interested in joining the Digital Fox team?

A Start Up 

A Start Up is one of the most exciting places you can be. We’re right at the beginning of our adventure, and are looking for writers and video producers to join our team. We also welcome people with other skill sets, and will always try to find a way to fit you into our crew if you’re a good culture fit.

Currently, we’re all in our 20s and our CEO is 28, so if you’re interested, ambitious and talented, then don’t let a lack of experience deter you. It’s all about personality and quality of work anyway. If you’re the type to grab something good, run with it, make it better and come up with ideas then you’ll fit right in.

Our content team all have the opportunity to generate their own revenue and this is tracked and available for you to review at any time. If you’re just after experience, we can help with that too, but we will try to find a way for you to generate some reward for your work.

To Apply 

To apply, you should be in your second, third, or final year of uni, or have graduated in the last few years. We do also take more experienced folk of course, but we try to gear our team to be helping out graduates as much as we can. We’re a youthful lot.

Hopefully you’re creative, and able to draw, write, illustrate, present, act, or produce video. In a nutshell, you’ve got to be creative or techy. Having said that we also like client service focussed people too.

We like those who are ambitious, but also mindful. We love entrepreneurs, but dislike arrogance. You’ve also got to fit into our team focussed culture, and be willing to work with a joyful, motivated and dysfunctionally brilliant team.

You can apply by just dropping us a message below letting us know what you want to do, how you can help and what your passions are – this can be as short or as long as you like. Oh, and include something like your favourite film, game, anime, technology etc etc and why. We like that.

You can also just message on us here, just drop us a line below.