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Alex Lackovic contacted Zero Latency for the perfect virtual reality marriage proposal.

The world of virtual reality holds many possibilities but whoever thought marriage proposals would be one of them?

Zero Latency is known for their super immersive zombie attack gaming experience but it looks like virtual reality is expanding to areas beyond just gaming.

Melbourne carpenter Alex Lackovic decided to take his girlfriend, Kelly Lynn Norman, to Zero Latency for her birthday.

Alex and Kelly often joked about being “virtually” married anyway, so Alex took the next big step and literally got “virtually” married. thought the perfect birthday present would be hunting down virtual zombies.

When Kelly stepped into Zero Latency, she was visibly pumped and ready to take on some zombies. But little did she know her soon to be husband had been busy behind the scenes planning one of the most creative wedding proposals ever with the help of Zero Latency. This would be the very first Virtual Reality wedding proposal in Australia.

He even managed to virtually set the proposal in Kelly’s home country of South Africa. While the setting for the wedding was virtual, the excitement on her face was very real. As was the real life answer of ‘yes.’

Virtual Reality isn’t just for gamers.

Virtual Reality marriage proposal
Shooting zombies before getting married. Source:

Zero Latency’s chief tech officer Scott Vandonkelaar got excited to give it a shot, not knowing if they could pull it off.

“We wanted to do it because we love making experiences that excite people and make them happy,” Scott said.

“It was a great opportunity to show what virtual reality can do — it’s not just games.”

Does a Virtual Reality marriage proposal sound romantic?

Virtual reality marriage proposal
The happy couple, Alex and Kelly. Source:

I have a feeling after news about this proposal gets out, a horde of gamers may flock to Zero Latency to create some virtual reality milestones themselves.


Zero Latency’s Virtual Reality marriage proposal recreated where Kelly grew up in South Africa.

Virtual Reality marriage proposal
South, where Kelly grew up. Source:

Most of Kelly’s family live in South Africa so Alex wanted to recreate her family environment for her. Nice touch Alex.

This was done by getting a lot of photos, a lot of coding and a whole lot of work. But the end result looked impressive and i’m sure Kelly will remember it for the rest of her life.

Virtual congratulations to the happy couple.