Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament
Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament

Slick presentation, comfortable design, phat beats… Turtle Beach delivers!

When it comes to headsets in the tech world, they’re everywhere. Whether it’s for casual/competitive gamers, travellers, or those hoping to listen to some sick beats on public transport, there is almost a brand for all types of audio fanatics.

In the e-sports industry, this statement is especially true. While HyperX and Logitech headsets are some my favourite gaming headset brands, Turtle Beach has been one that I’ve been eager to try out.

Coming with a value of over 200 dollars (holy moly!), we ask the question for you: Is this headset worth the money? Let’s find out!

Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament
Thick sexy box, detachable microphone, and audio jack – plugging in this bad-boy is as simple as slipping on some jeans!

Coated in a nice metallic black, the Elite Pro is a bulky headset in both its design and weight. Aesthetically, this headset screams like a tournament headset in both its colour palette and metallic patterns. Weight wise, it is slightly heavier than the average gaming headset.

However even with its heavy appearance, surprisingly enough, the headset is rather comfortable. One of the key things to any good headset for me seeing if I can handle it for long periods of time. For this model, I’m happy to report that this headset certainly delivers.

The ear pads are well designed and utilise a nice mixture of leather and fabric for its material. As well as this, this headset also delivers adjustable tension settings, which only adds to the comfort of this slick design.

Through the wired audio jack that comes packaged with the headset, this headset also allows for audio adjustment and microphone mutes during gameplay sessions. While this is almost a standard for any quality headset, I was little bummed that there wasn’t a microphone volume setting added with it.

I don’t know about you, but I have always felt naked whenever I don’t have my microphone attached

While presentation and design are certainly huge factors for this headset, how is the Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament’s performance?

When it comes to the audio quality, Turtle Beach certainly delivers with this headset. In both the volume levels and the sound quality, I really struggled to find any faults with this particular headset. Gaming felt like I was immersed in a cinematic movie at times, with titles such as Uncharted 4 and Dawn of War 3 feeling closer to the firefight with its surround sound.

From the ground up, Turtle Beach has strived to create a headset for e-sports players and gamers alike. Which is why it’s a little disappointing to note that when it comes to the microphone quality, this is one of the bigger letdowns.

In testing out this microphone, I did notice the audio sounding a little muffled and noisy at times. While it does do a good job in noise cancellation, I feel that they missed the mark on this feature.

If you’re looking to use the microphone for LAN parties, online usage or an e-sport tournament, then great, this headset will do the job. But for high-quality voice over recordings, you may want to use either an external microphone or find yourself another headset.

Though it may not be perfect, it still does the job!

In summary….

Turtle Beach’s Elite Pro Tournament Headset is a quality headset. While the headsets default microphone was a big letdown, I feel the comfort of this headset and the level of audio quality provided makes up for its faults.

My Rating: 8/10

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