ROCCAT Suora Keyboard

We’re on the hunt for a new gaming keyboard.

In the list of thrilling tech stuff, keyboards would be pretty low in the pile. They’re basically the toes of the computer and gaming world: nobody really likes them (obvious fetishes aside), but man do they do their job well. Except for when you stub them. Toes that is, not keyboards. Whatever.

What I’m trying to say is, they’re something you can’t really live without. So with that in mind, we thought we’d help you skip the monotonous keyboard hunt and help you out with a review.

Whether it’s for customising keys, durability, or just giving your setup some added style, hardcore and competitive PC gamers benefit from the customisable options of mechanical keyboards.

Today there are a number of different brands developing their own mechanical keyboards.

With Razer, Corsair, and HyperX fighting to be the best of the best, let’s check out the ROCCAT Suora FX mechanical keyboard.

Not be confused with the previous Suora, the ROCCAT Suora FX is newest model in the company’s Suora series. What’s the difference you may ask? Well Mr/Mrs Questions, let’s find out!

ROCCAT Suora Keyboard


If you’re the kind of person who digs a good old unpacking, then this might disappoint you a little. Alongside the keyboard, the box includes, (wait for it…) a simple start-up guide. Woohoo!

Overall, nothing complicated or fancy in setting this bad-boy up. Just plug the keyboard, make sure you install ROCCAT Swarm (optional, though recommended) in and you’re good to go!

Design and Specifications

Much like the previous model, the Suora FX is fairly small in size. That said, what this keyboard is able to provide goes to show that bigger isn’t always better. Make of that what you will.

In comparison to a standard membrane office keyboard, the Soura FX is a little heavier. Though with that said, it’s probably a little lighter than a standard mechanical one.

The body of this is absolutely stunning. With a nice black aluminium alloy coating, this product feels durable, sturdy and comfortable for the end user.

In their previous model, the colour variations of the original Suora was only limited to blue lighting. Now with the Suora FX, each individual key lights up in a wide array of RGB lighting. This now means users have a wide variety of colours on display, with each one beautifully lit and can be customised through ROCCAT’s Swarm program.

I think the signature thing about this keyboard is its frameless design. One of the biggest issues I have with any keyboard is cleaning the blasted things. It is not uncommon for dust and other such particles to fall between the cracks of the keys. I mean, I could probably feed a small country with the crumbs just between the numbers.

Thankfully, with how far the buttons stick out and how easily the buttons can be taken off, this keyboard helps in managing a tidy gaming environment.

As well as the design, ROCCAT also recommends for users to install an optional software, Swarm. With this program, users can not only download driver updates to the keyboard, but also play around with the lighting, launch specific apps at the press of a key, and create your own macros. With all these functions and the fact that it’s not too complicated to operate, I was pleasantly surprised at the options ROCCAT provided.

In regards to negative traits, I really don’t have many criticisms when it comes to this device. And I’m a pretty critical guy.

If I did have to choose a minor flaw, it would be how loud typing on the device really is. Mechanical keyboards have always had a reputation for being loud, and the ROCCAT Suora FX is definitely no an exception. If you’re looking for a mechanical keyboard that isn’t too noisy, you may want to opt out to a different model.


If you’re new to mechanical keyboards and feel like jumping onboard the bandwagon, then this product will certainly do the trick. The ROCCAT Suora FX adds style and practicality to your PC setup, while at the same time not compromising precious, yummy desk space.

Competitive gamers will benefit from the customisable keys and macro setup, while casuals can simply enjoy the style and comfort of it all.

My Rating: 9/10

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