Computers vs TV
Computers vs Tv. Source: Campaign US.

What is a better to binge watch on: Computers or TV?

With so many ways to stream TV shows and movies online these days (legally and illegally), it’s difficult to find a reason to get out of bed and onto the couch.

So, are computers really the new TVs? Strap yourselves in for the heavyweight fight: Computer vs TV.

TV vs Computers
Homer Simpson votes TV. Source: Thesportsfansjournal.

Convenience: Computer

This is the main drawing card for laptops (sorry desktop owners): they can be watched anywhere, at anytime. It’s undoubtedly more convenient to carry around a 2kg mini TV than it is to have to make your way all the way downstairs to the lounge room to watch your show. Gross. On top of that, you can start and stop the show whenever you want even if you haven’t recorded it. Yessiree, computers are the big winner here.

Size: TV

Bigger is always better! Computers have never and will never be able to compete with the size of TVs. If you want to watch a movie or show on the big screen and really immerse yourself in the action, then there’s only one option. For things like live sport or action movies you really want to get all the details and intricacies without compromising quality. You just can’t do that on a computer.

Computers vs TV
TVs are great for family. Source: Clipart Kid.

Sound: TV

I don’t know about you but I have to carry around a pair of headphones 24/7 these days. This is partly because I don’t like communicating with fellow human beings, but mainly because a lot of computer shows have low volume and low quality sound, making it nearly impossible to hear with any kind of background noise. You’d never get this problem with a TV. In fact, some TV speakers are so good these days you feel like you’re in a cinema. 2-1 TV!

Privacy: Computer

Remember when you had to tell your sister to shut up so you could hear what Homer and Bart were fighting about? Well, not anymore! Instead, you can lock yourself in the furthest room of the house, put your headphones in and get lost in your show without any distractions. While I tried to do this with my TV it gets pretty hard to carry all the cables and remotes around. 2-2!

Multiple Viewers: Tie

This one’s a bit tricky. If we’re talking about lots of people each watching their own show, then computers win by a mile. However, when you want to get together with all your mates or you’re watching a movie with your family, it gets pretty tough on a 15-inch. Plus, you can’t ignore our old friend Netflix and Chill. So, depending on the circumstances, this category goes either way.

Computers vs TV
Just Netflix and Chillin’. Source: Pinterest.

Overall Winner

You just can’t make me choose – I love them both! Personally, I watch most of my TV shows in bed on the computer because it feels more intimate and it’s more comfortable. However, if I have friends over or feel like watching a movie then I’m straight in the lounge room to enjoy the surround sound and big screen. For now, let’s not focus on which is better and just enjoy the fact that we have them both!