Here are my favourite low budget Sci-fi movies.

This is something I am pretty passionate about. When movies get big budgets, they can get lazy. You NEED to do something creative to get a low-budget movie out there, and these lot have.

These 10 Sci-fi low budget movies are definitely worth a watch, and we should be encouraging every single one of these.

R’ha – by Kaleb Lechowski

A gorgeous 6 minute film by Kaleb. It jumps straight into a matrix style scenario where AI has taken control and is torturing an alien for information.

True Skin – by Stephan Zlotescu

A fascinating look into the future by Stephan, and how the use of robotics replacing human parts will affect life. A man gets some serious tech implanted that he gets hunted for.

The Gift – by Carl E. Rinsch

Well, we really want to know what a unicorn is. This is a short story of a robot clutching a valuable box in a bid to keep it from humans.

AMP – by Adam Marisett

A short story about a guy called Quinn and his robot buddy. Quinn seems to have quite the interesting back story. The best part of this video is the futuristic city line in the background. I love that stuff.

Memorise – by Eric Ramberg

In 2027, all humans have a chip in the brain which records everything they see, allowing people to check to see if they have committed the crime after they have happened. Which isn’t far off where we are right now what with everyone recording on their mobiles. A great concept.

Expo – by Joe Sill

A short film delving exploring a Mothers sacrifice whilst working in space. Emotional stuff with plenty of flashbacks showing the situation the Mother astronaut is in.

Project Shell – by Blow Studio

A young woman’s attempted escape from the authorities is shown. Featuring futuristic shields, and a fight scene which reveals the truth behind what’s going on.

Portal: No escape – by Dan Trachtenberg

One of my favourites, although I suspect this one had a bit more budget and was actually funded by Valve Software. Well worth a watch though, as it’s a great escape attempt with the portal weapon.

I just love it when people put these movies together. Remember readers, these are low-budget movies, so be respectful, and it’s not hard to be. These are fantastic short sci-fi movies. Better than a lot of films that have had the big bucks treatment.

Gosh, I love sci-fi. What are your favourites?

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