thor: Ragnarok in australia

Marvel filmed Thor: Ragnarok in Australia, and we’ve got Chris Hemsworth to thank.

From July to October 2016, Thor: Ragnarok was filmed on the Gold Coast in Australia, making it Marvel Studio’s first project shot in Oz. And who do we have to thank? Thor. Well, Chris Hemsworth. But either way, he’s the superhero we don’t deserve.

In a statement, Chris Hemsworth explained how he asked whether Thor 3 could be shot in his home country, and, to his surprise, the studio said yes:

“I asked if we could shoot in Australia and thankfully the Marvel guys said they would look into it but couldn’t promise anything. To me, to be home again for more than two weeks would be fantastic. And it worked out. It was so good.”

thor: ragnarok in australia
Hype in the streets of Brisbane. Source: Sunrise.

And apparently it was a great decision. Hemsworth went on to laud the experience:

“I also think there’s such wonderful talent here as well, in the cast and crew across the board. So it was fantastic. And the weather was brilliant. I don’t think we got rained out at all. It’s just been one of the best shoots I’ve been part of.”

It’s pretty great that Chris Hemsworth did this. As one of the world’s most successful actors, he’s certainly got a decent amount of sway. Why not use it to support your country’s industry?

From what it sounds like, the excitement and buzz in the Queensland streets was incredible. Chris went on to say:

“I’d never seen that many people excited for a film crew. There were more people there than any premiere I’ve been to, and more excitement and buzz than any premiere event I’ve been to. The people of Brisbane were thrilled and packed in the streets to catch a look. The city sort of stopped for those couple of days. It was such a positive buzz, and we were all trying to get out there and sign autographs in between takes as much as we could. That was pretty special. It was great.”

You da man Thor.

Does Marvel’s filming of Thor: Ragnarok in Australia signal a change in their shooting location preferences?

The change in location seems to be a shift for Marvel Studios, who films the majority of its projects in Atlanta.

But they’re really just following a trend – of which Australia seems to be the beneficiary. Other than Thor: Ragnarok, we’ve seen AquamanAlien: Covenant, and Kong: Skull Island all filmed Down Under. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, owned by Marvel Studio’s sugar daddy Disney, was also filmed in the Gold Coast at the same studio that Thor: Ragnarok was based.

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