Luna Eclipse Speakers review

Finally, Edifier PC speakers and other tech are available in Australia again.

Firstly, I’m a big fan of Edifier.

The products they produce are pricey but always look gorgeous and perform well. After a few years of them being non-existent in Australia, they are back.

So, I didn’t have any speakers in my office. I had just been using the ones on my laptop for my work and the ones on the television for my gaming and movies. Don’t worry, I have been grilled for this.

After being extensively told off by JBM, our resident music expert who has the voice of an angel and plays the guitar like I play FIFA (with style), I’ve learnt now that speakers matter.

If you spend a lot of time on your laptop gaming or listening to music, the technology provided for audio will always be lacklustre.

And if you’re spending that much time on these devices, it makes sense to invest in a quality pair of speakers.

The Luna Eclipse
Speakers in position at Digital Fox.

To music lovers, this is not exactly news, but to gamers it might be. And this is the area that the Edifier speakers target.

To get this review started, let me say that these speakers would fit perfectly well next to any games device. They look gorgeous. We had the black versions (which we think look the best) and they complemented our PSN and Xbox very well. The curved, simple design would look in place at any workstation, gaming environment, or even just next to your television.

Edifier Luna Eclipse review
Luna Eclipse Speakers unpackaged and ready for a thorough test run.

The Bluetooth connectivity is very simple, and took five seconds to get some music blaring through the Digital Fox offices. The bluetooth worked with all of our devices without fail. The remote provided is simple, with just /- options and an off/on button.

The controls on the speakers are touch sensitive, so no clunky, plasticky clicks to play music. Stuff like that does just boost that feeling of a quality product. It’s an easy swipe to change the volume, switch the tracks, or to put the speakers on stand-by or to turn them off.

Both of the Luna speakers have a ¾” silk-domed tweeter and a 3″ full-range bass driver, which produce 74 watts RMS. This creates a really vivid and clear sound at all volumes; we cranked it up a fair way.

Luna eclipse touch sensitive buttons
Touch sensitive buttons are sleek on the Luna Eclipse.

All in all, there isn’t a lot left to be desired from a set of speakers, especially if you’re a gamer.

The sound quality is high, the build quality is high, the user experience is very simple and the speakers themselves look gorgeous.

You can pick these up for $299.95. We rate them, and whilst Edifiers competitors may dominate the market, we think Edifier still have a chance to establish themselves with quality products like these.

Oh, and here’s what happened when the speakers actually did get delivered to me.


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