Han Solo A Smugglers Trade

A Smuggler’s Trade is a delightful little movie to keep you going until the Han Solo movie.

With all the hype surrounding the upcoming Han Solo movie, we thought we would explore a little independently made Han Solo fan film, produced by Jamie Costa.

He’s a pretty cool dude, and you can subscribe to him, here, here, and here, as well as watching the full movie there too.

Jamie Costa is Han Solo
Jamie Costa plays Han Solo

First, some background on Jamie Costa

Jamie Costa first came to everyone’s attention in the social space, where his brilliant impressions of Robin Williams and more drew streams of likes, followers and subscribers across Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. His more recent impersonations of Harrison Ford and Indiana Jones set off a chain of events leading to a crowdfunded campaign for a Han Solo Fan movie. And it’s here. Whoop.

Here’s the trailer for the Han Solo fan movie:

The movie, in a nutshell, is just a bit of well executed harmless fun. Han Solo is cheating his way through a card game when chaos kicks off, all the whilst trying to find Chewie. There’s plenty of action, a sand speeder, some force moves (kinda) and a Wookie.

As mentioned, Jamie Costa has a passion for impersonations.

He uses this to his advantage in playing Han Solo, nailing the mannerisms, the body language and the voice. Oddly, he reminds me more of the most recent Han Solo outing from The Force Awakens, which was a little more Disneyfied than the original trilogy. This is no bad thing though, and plays to Jamie’s natural cheeky charm, rather than Han’s scoundrel style. You’ll still like him (geddit).

Jamie Costa plays Han Solo
You can’t deny the similarities. Source: Jamie Costa

Have a watch on Jamie’s official channels, demand more, and from what we can tell of Jamie, he will keep delivering – and we would wish him every further success! It’s a hard work being an independent film maker, and to gain the popularity he has off his own back and social channels is something he should be proud of, and we as entertainment lovers will support.

And to Jamie, let us know when the next movie is coming!

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