Everything you need to know about Flashpoint
The Flashpoint Paradox. Source: Pintrest

In case you were living under a bloody rock, San Diego Comic-Con – the world’s greatest comic-book related exhibition – was on last weekend. 

To say there was a flood of trailers, news, and announcements would be a massive understatement. But the main piece of news that we’re covering today, while small, has universally large implications. At the Warner Brothers Panel for comic-con, they announced that the name of the 2020 Flash Movie will be titled, Flashpoint.

Now if you don’t read DC Comics, or watch the CW’s The Flash, then don’t be concerned, you’re not expected to know the subtle insinuations behind the title – Flashpoint. Good thing I’m here though because I’m going to give you a rundown of what we can expect from Flashpoint.

A brief history as to why Flashpoint happened

Everything you need to know about Flashpoint
The Justice League as part of The New 52. Source: Pinterest

In 2011 writer Geoff Johns, who’s now the President and Chief Creative Officer of DC Comics, created a massive crossover event called Flashpoint. While it was an incredible story, it also served a purpose, which was to essentially restart the DC universe. 

What I mean by this is that before 2011, people who wanted to get into DC Comics felt a bit intimated. They had been intrigued by Christopher Nolan’s Dark Night Trilogy and wanted to start reading comics, but where to start?

Now I don’t know about you, but if I’m reading a story, I’d want to start at the beginning. The problem that DC and Marvel have is that beginnings for most superheroes began in the 1940s or the 1960s. So there really isn’t a clear indication as to where’s a good place to start reading.

What Flashpoint allowed was an essential reboot of the DC Universe. Anyone could pick up Batman or Green Lantern #1 and not be expected to have any prior knowledge. This set up an era of DC Comics called ‘The New 52’, which were a series of 52 brand new comic-book runs.

Unfortunately, there was some outrage as to some of the creative choices made, and DC Comics did a softer reboot of their stories again to fix up some of the mistakes in 2016, starting off with ‘DC Rebirth’.

Who is the Flash?

Everything you need to know about Flashpoint.
Barry Allen – The Fastest Man Alive. Source: Pinterest

If I were to ask you who Batman or Superman, or now even Wonder Woman really are, you’d probably be able to tell me very easily. But that would be a different story for the Flash – unless you’re cultured of course.

So the Flash, when he isn’t running about as the Scarlet Speeder, is a forensic scientist called Barry Allen. In an accident in his laboratory, he was struck by lightning as he was holding some chemicals and shortly thereafter he was imbued with super-speed!

Now, with the ability to tap into an infinite source of energy called the ‘Speed Force’, Barry can run on water, up and around buildings, phase through walls, and even run back or forward in time.

To understand Barry’s desperate need to fight for justice and become one of the greatest superheroes, we have to flashback to his tragic (but really cliched) origin story. 

As a child, his mother was killed and his father was blamed for her murder. The combination of knowing his father to be an innocent man, as well as his love for science, drove Barry to become a forensic scientist to solve crimes. Becoming the Flash gives Barry another avenue to fight crime, and keep Central City safe from the Rogues who plague her.  

Enter Reverse Flash

Everything you need to know about Flashpoint
Eobard Thawne as the Reverse Flash. Source: DC Comics

Solidifying himself as the hero of Central City, Barry becomes one of the most beloved heroes. So much so that fast-forwarding 500 years into the future (this is relevant I promise), a historian called Eobard Thawne becomes so fascinated by Barry Allen that he tries to emulate him in every way possible. Eobard undergoes plastic surgery to look like Barry and forces himself to go through the same experiment that Barry did to give himself super-speed.

This next bit will be a bit confusing but hold in there. Eobard tries to goes back in time to meet his idol, but ends up travelling to a time where the Flash has been dead for years. Going to ‘The Flash Museum’, Eobard discovers that he himself will be Barry Allen’s greatest nemesis and that ultimately sends him mad. 

The reason that he’s been recorded to be the Flash’s enemy is that in Eobard’s future, he will become a villain known as the Reverse Flash. So as time progresses for Eobard, he will go back in time to fight Barry. Why he didn’t discover that about himself in the 25th century is never really explained. So yeah, just go with it.  

Throughout DC’s history of the Flash, Eobard has always been obsessed with Barry. Originally, he wants to be just like him. But as time progresses his motives change from wanting to kill Barry, wanting Barry to be better, and sadly, wanting to spend time with him. Regardless, it essentially comes down to Eobard tormenting Barry without end. The worst part is where Eobard goes back in time to kill Barry’s mother.

The Flashpoint Paradox

Everything you need to know about Flashpoint
This is an actual movie already released, which is faithful to the comics. Source: Imdb

So now you know enough so that we can start off with FlashpointThe event begins where an enraged and sorrowful Barry goes back in time to stop Eobard from killing his mother in the past. While succeeding, he goes back into the present to discover that everything has changed.

His actions in the past have essentially made an alternate reality, alongside the main DC reality where everything is different (think Back to the Future 2). On the good side, his mum’s alive! On the bad side, Barry has lost his Flash powers and the kingdoms of Atlantis and Themyscira, led by Aquaman and Wonder Woman respectively are about to go to war, potentially annihilating the Earth, with no Justice League to intervene. But it’s okay, his mum’s alive and his dad’s not in prison anymore!

To try and stop this war, Barry tries to find Batman because HE’S BATMAN. Entering the Batcave, Barry is surprised to find that Bruce is nowhere around and that Bruce’s father, Thomas is Batman. 

After explaining how Barry knows everything he knows, we find out that the tragic accident that killed Martha and Thomas Wayne played out a bit differently in the ‘Flashpoint’ universe. There Bruce dies, Thomas becomes Batman and Martha becomes the Joker – which would be amazing as fuck to see on screen.

Fast forwarding everything, Barry enlists Thomas’ help to recreate the accident that allowed him to become the Flash, and to try and recruit other former Justice League members to prevent the oncoming war between Atlantis and Themyscira.

Now I’m not going to go into anymore detail here, because there should be some surprises left for when the movie comes out in three years… shit.

Can Flashpoint work on the big screen?

Everything you need to know about Flashpoint
Get hyped for Justice League though! Source: Justice League Movie

It could potentially, but to be perfectly honest, it is fucking stupid to make this a Flash movie. Flashpoint is such a big event that it’d have to be a Justice League 1.5.

Also, while I don’t personally think that the concepts of time travel and parallel universes are too hard to handle, I’ve been reading Sci-Fi Books since I was nine so I’ve had a while to get used to the idea. But it would be very confusing to make a DC time-travel movie – especially if Warner Brothers as a studio are trying to edit and reshoot everything (which was potentially the Bane of Suicide Squad).

What makes Flashpoint such a good storyline is that all the characters have been well established, and writers have spent the last 50 years fleshing out the sorrow that Barry has over the death of his mother – which is the ultimate motivation in trying to bring her back. Even the CW needed two seasons of The Flash to set up and successfully pull it off . If Warner Brothers starts showing off the Flash landscape to the commoners, who would not be watching CW’s the Flash, then be sure that any attempts at trying to capture the emotional intensity needed would be half-assed and poorly compelling at best.

With that said, while I doubt that Warner Brothers could pull of Flashpoint, it’s important to stay optimistic. And worst comes to worst, Warner Brothers can always compare with the animated Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox to know if they done fucked up. Because let’s be real, a lot can happen in the three years that we’d be waiting for this movie to be released. Like getting a director – which has yet to be done.

So, what do you think about the upcoming Flash movie? Leave your comments down below to let us know!

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