You might think the winner of The Game of Thrones is anyone’s guess, but there are some likely candidates to have the uncomfortable pleasure of sitting on the throne of swords.

That is, of course if the white walkers don’t ensure that all men are in fact dead by the end of the series.

The biggest giveaway yet is that George R. R. Martin has announced that it will be a bittersweet ending, which, in fairness, is a result. Usually GoT has doom and gloom written all over the credits.

Here are the cases for my five favourites for the throne, entirely based on my perceptions of what a good story would be, the data from the books and also who simply would make the most sense.

John Snow – Winner of the Game of Thrones?

The fan favourite, and the candidate with the most interesting back story and rumours has a lot going for him, even though he’s dead, apparently. The rumours are he’s the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, which means he’s got some pretty strong royal blood in him. He’s also a capable leader, inspiring men (when he’s not being stabbed) and let’s be honest, he is pretty Kingly. He’s the logical choice for me, but I know that my buddy George doesn’t often give me what I want.

Daenerys Targaryen – Queen of The Game of Thrones?

Calls herself a queen, but more of a Princess. She’s shown a huge amount of initiative by raising an army, in fact, several armies, so she’s got a good recruitment technique which would make her a much-loved leader of Westeros. Also, her fiery mates come in handy too. It’s all a little bit simple though for our liking, she’s not the favourite, not the outsider. She’s always been in the running but does she really fit in at Kings Landing?

Tyrion Lannister – The dwarf that wins The Game of Thrones?

Now here’s an interesting one. Tyrion’s life has pretty much sucked, apart from being super rich (which he’s not anymore) he has had a pretty hard time of it. But he’s clever, super clever. None of the stories, rumours, predictions, prophecies are about him, but wouldn’t that be just the quirk we need to finish the series off? And I like him. He’s the sort of guy I would invite round for a few drinks to spice up a potentially dull evening.

Bran Stark – Winner of the Game of Thrones?

There’s talk of Bran “flying” and having an important place in the story. Some people think he’s going to get to wogging into a dragon at some points, which sounds likely. But would he use that to put the much broken Starks on the throne, uniting them back together again? Also… Where’s the little bro, Rickon? On a side note, wouldn’t that be an outside bet if the series runs for long enough?

Jaime Lannister – Will the Kingslayer win The Game of Thrones?

Ah, look, it’s not going to be Jaime, but after a sticky (and pushy) start he’s actually become a pretty nice bloke. He’s transitioned from a standard brooding bad guy into an Eddard Stark character. Brought back to earth after a wonderfully successful childhood (until becoming a Kingslayer) by having his hand lopped off he’s had a fair balance of the good and bad. A bit of perspective always helps when you’re in charge, and he would be alright on the throne.

Those are my thoughts, who do you want to be on the Iron Throne?

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