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Does Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool performance deserve an Oscar?

Keeping on theme with the Oscar’s this week, Jake Gyllenhaal seems to think that Ryan Reynolds should have been in the running for his role as Deadpool.

A bit of a far fetch I reckon. Unfortunately for fans though, he didn’t get the nod.

Ryan Reynolds
Deadpool was critically acclaimed. Source: IGN.

It’s pretty difficult to nominate a superhero movie for the Oscars.

It isn’t really the sort of thing that normally makes the cut. But c’mon Jake, do people really think he deserved an Oscar nomination?

Maybe I’m a party pooper, but I just don’t think he was Oscar worthy.

I mean, he was good, but not THAT good. Oooooh controversial. Sure, he was pretty entertaining as the comic book superhero. But nothing about his performance really stood out for me except for the cheesy jokes.

In my opinion, the awkward transitions between comedy and drama didn’t really gel together.

The humour sort of took away from the dramatic moments in a way that the serious moments – especially when Vanessa sees Deadpool’s face – lost its full dramatic potential.

Deadpool and Vanessa. Source: DesdeHollywood
Deadpool and Vanessa. Source: DesdeHollywood

Admittedly though I did chuckle at some of the lines: “Please don’t make the super suit green… or animated!”.

I liked the shout out to Green Lantern and Ryan Reynolds’ commentaries, breaking the fourth wall. “Fourth wall break inside of a fourth wall break? That’s like… 16 walls!”.

It’s wall-ception! According to Jake Gyllenhaal:

“Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool. We talk about brilliant performances all the time, you know, the actors who tear themselves apart for their roles, which I’m a believer in. But then I look at Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool and I say, ‘No one can do that but him.’ That is truly, purely him. As an artist he struggled for several years to figure that out and it’s all there on the screen. And it’s brilliant.

Sure it’s a comic book movie and it’s made a lot of money — but that doesn’t subtract from Ryan’s extraordinary work.

Because it’s him. I mean, let’s ask ourselves: What else do we want from people who create? Something that is truly them.”

Ryan Reynolds and hus alter ego. Source: The Telegraph
Ryan Reynolds and hus alter ego. Source: The Telegraph

Jake Gyllenhaal does have a point though.

Ryan Reynolds definitely put his own vibe into the character in a way that really defined both himself and Deadpool. I respect him for that.

While Reynalds didn’t score the Oscar nom, Deadpool won Best Adapted Screenplay nomination from the Writer’s Guild, and Best Picture nomination from the PGA Awards. Director, Tim Miller, was also nominated for best first time director by the DGA. In the case of Ryan Reynalds, it’s not all bad news. He did end up winning best actor at the Golden Globes. Not bad hey!

While Ryan Reynolds really brought Deadpool to life, I just don’t think it compares to some the Oscar nominations. What are your thoughts on Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool? Do you think he deserved an Oscar nomination?

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