Interdimensional Cable has been replaced in Rick and Morty episode 8.

If you were a big fan of the Interdimensional Cable episodes in Seasons 1 and 2, then I’ve got some bad news for you. You’re not getting another dose in Season 3. Instead, we’re getting Morty’s Mind-Blowers, a series of moments that have been wiped from Morty’s memory.

It’s good to see the show’s creators recognising that the second Interdimensional Cable episode didn’t quite work, and instead trying something a bit different. As Rick explains, in his usual 4th wall breaking style, it’s like ‘a clip show made of clips you never saw.’

After 3 absolute cracker episodes, we were probably due for a downer, and whilst there are plenty of great ideas and laughs in this episode, it never quite reaches the heights of the better Season 3 episodes. It’s still better than 95% of the other rubbish you’ll see on TV, but a little short of the incredible standard set by Rick and Morty (especially this season).

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If you dig deeper into this episode, it also reveals a fair bit more about the Rick and Morty dynamic.

We already knew that Rick has casually put Morty through some devastating experiences that have affected his psyche, but we didn’t know know that there’s a whole bunch that are so bad that Morty begged Rick to have them erased from his mind.

Whilst the initial few are memories where Morty is at fault, we are then treated to some that are his family’s fault. Morty starts to notice that the memories are colour coded and wonders what the 3rd category is made up of. Hilariously, these turn out to be memories of embarrassing moments for Rick (like pronouncing the phrase ‘take things for granted’ as ‘take things for granite’).

This leads Morty to quickly realise that Rick is removing some memories without Morty’s permission. This is all sorts of fascinating as it tells us that Rick actually cares what Morty thinks of him. He doesn’t want Morty to know that he screws up occasionally. For a guy who pretends he doesn’t care about anything, Rick sure is self-conscious!

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Rick and Morty episode 8 mixes things up a bit

Morty’s pretty pissed off by this revelation and in his ensuing fight with Rick, they both end up with their memories erased. To try to work out who they are, Morty starts watching more memories. All he learns from this is that he’s had a bunch of awful experiences, and that Rick is responsible for what he’s allowed to remember.

All this leads Morty to the conclusion that he doesn’t want to live anymore and he prepares to kill himself, which inspires Rick enough to join in him in a suicide pact. At the last moment, Summer enters, seems to realise what’s going on, and pulls out a pack with instructions of how to get everything back to normal. Which she promptly does.

This is a pretty badass moment for Summer. It reveals just how clued in she is to Rick and Morty’s adventures, including revealing that she knows they’ve done this whole thing before. It also shows just how much Rick trusts her to competently get him out of some pretty messed up situations. It’s just another sign of how far Summer has come this season.

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All in all, it’s still a fairly entertaining episode, even if it’s missing some of the depth of previous episodes.

I should mention that some of the memories are absolutely gold. From the disturbing sequence of Morty mistaking a smudge for a man on the moon and causing the suicide of a guidance councillor, to his discovery that squirrels are secretly running the world’s affairs. Let’s not forget the brief moment of Mr. Poopy Butthole proposing to Morty.

There’s only 2 more episodes to go now, so strap yourself in for a thrilling finish! In the meanwhile, you can check out our review of last week’s brilliant episode right here.

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