rick and morty season 3 episode 1
rick and morty season 3

This last year and a half, we’ve just been sitting at our laptops waiting for the day Rick and Morty season 3 begins. That day has finally arrived!

If you’re a huge Rick and Morty fan like I am (yes, I dressed up as Mr. Meeseeks at my last dress-up party and no one knew who the fuck I was), then you’ve probably been agonising over when the hell Rick and Morty Season 3 was going to debut. Seriously, it’s been over a year and a half!

This has led to some serious trolling by the show creators and even outright angry and abusive responses to impatient fans.

With no release date ever being set, it’s understandable that anxious fans have begun to wonder whether the new season would ever come out. And then of course, April Fool’s came by and they did just about the most Rick and Mortyest thing ever.

With no warning or any indication that anything like this might happen, Season 3, Episode 1, was unexpectedly live streamed on Adult Swim and then continued to run the episode on their website in a continuous loop.

rick and morty season 3
What a tasty Cronenberg feast! Source – vulture.com

Yes, you can now watch Rick and Morty season three online!

When my brother excitedly shared the news with us, I didn’t even believe it. It sounded like another Rick and Morty letdown was in the making. A couple of months ago, he had told us the same thing, only to find out it was just a prank and me and my buddies all laid in to him pretty heavily (because that’s the sort of assholes we are!).

So I jumped online, prepared a new line of abuse in case it was another prank, and would you believe it, there it was! Not just a new episode, but an absolutely fucking awesome new episode!

Spoilers ahead!

In true Rick and Morty form, the jokes come at a mile a minute and things are just as dark as ever. Every time you think you know what’s going on, BAM! Nope, they’re just fucking with you again.

Where does Rick and Morty season 3 episode one kick off?

We start off with Rick referencing his escape from prison as if it’s something they’re just going to skip over and never show, only to learn it’s a dream sequence in Rick’s mind, as he actually is in prison, and his alien captors are trying to extract secrets from his mind. They’re not having much luck as Rick keeps creating miniature butts that fart in his captors faces!

rick and morty season 3
Did you fall for it?  Did ya?? Source – independant.co.uk

We think we’re finally going to learn a bit about Rick’s past as we journey to another dream sequence that shows how Rick invented his portal gun and lost his family. However, we soon realise this is all fabricated and another trick by Rick to escape his captors. (Come on, did you really fall for that shit? It’s Rick, he’s a nutcase with a VAGUE past, not a teary origin story.)

Summer is super keen to try and rescue Rick, whilst Morty is kinda over him – interesting story arc developing here. They end up digging up dead Rick in the backyard (remember him?) and accidentally teleporting themselves to Cronenberg universe! (References to old episodes! Hooray!)

This alerts the Council of Ricks (more references!) who capture Summer and Morty and attempt to break into prison so that they can kill Rick and stop any secrets from being spilt. Of course, this is all an elaborate plot by Rick to destroy both the Council of Ricks and the Galactic Federation.

Which he does… allowing everything to return to normal so that we can resume our usual Rick and Morty adventures! Except that Jerry is now out of the picture (what???).

Yes, this was all a big plot by Rick to rid himself of Jerry for betraying him and establish himself as the alpha male of the house so that he can achieve his ultimate aim: Getting McDonalds to bring back their Mulan-sponsered Szechuan dipping sauce. (Again… what???)

rick and morty season 3 image
What’s that in the background exactly… Source – dailydot.com

Along the way, we again get to see the morality of Rick confirmed and then unconfirmed, as the final showdown has Summer captured and Rick saving her by demonstrating that he doesn’t give a crap about her. This pushes Morty so far that he shoots Rick (or at least thinks he does). Of course, this is just another of Rick’s schemes that saves the day and leaves you wondering where this guy stands.

Rick is such a fascinating character. He is, no doubt, a complete asshole, and yet we seem to like him so much. Is this because of his cunning, high tech gadgetry, witty insulting remarks and nonsensical catchphrases (wubba lubba dub dub!), or the occasional moments of melancholy and true emotion that he manages to mostly hide from everyone else?

Either way, this show is an absolute treat to watch. And please, for the love of God, don’t make us wait so long for more Rick and Morty season 3 episodes!!!

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