Nic Cage screaming a lot. Source: Consequence of Sound

Nicolas Cage has continued his wonderful streak of being Nicolas Cage

The name Nicolas Cage means a lot of things to a lot of people.

For those like myself, he is one of the great underrated actors of his time; an innovator who does whatever the fuck he wants, even devouring a cockroach on camera. For others he is a now balding middle-aged man who made his millions from screaming on camera, lots of fire and other similar Cage-isms.

Some say he is merely a meme; I say he is much more. While no one can cage this man into a single definition, his actions speak for themselves.

Piece muthafucka. Source: TAKEitGAME
Piece muthafucka. Source: TAKEitGAME

What does Nic do when he is let out of his cage?

Well apparently he likes to crash movie festivals held in his honour. That is why Nic Cage is scientifically proven to be the best human to have ever existed, ever.

In fact it was on his 53rd birthday when he sneaked into the Alamo Drafthouse in Texas for a 12 hour marathon full of all things Cage. This marathon is called C4GED and it happens every year on Nic Cage’s birthday to celebrate the genius of this man. I so wish I was there and I know you do too. Most of the audience show up every year asking themselves the same 2 questions:

Why do I love Nic Cage so much?

Is Nic Cage actually a good actor? (Spoiler alert, he is).

I'm a vampire. Source: World News
I’m a vampire. Source: World News

This year, Cage even selected the films for viewing. “Movies I thought didn’t really get a proper release”: Bangkok Dangerous, Joe, Bringing Out the Dead, Army of One and Lord of War. By the way, he sat there for 12 hours and watched all of the films with the audience, which is nothing for Cage considering he can eat a peach for hours.

If that wasn’t enough, Cage also stood up on stage and delivered a dramatic reading of Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart,” and by dramatic I mean a lot of screaming. Basically just the everyday shenanigans you’ve come to expect from Nic Cage. He is indeed a national treasure.

Nic Cage screaming a lot. Source: Student Edge
Nic Cage screaming a lot. Source: Student Edge

So what is your opinion of this glorious specimen of a creature? And, more importantly, did you manage to spot all of my puns? 

Click on this Cagey hyperlink to see his dramatic reading skills.