The new Star Wars Trailer reveals a little more. Well, a little more.

You can watch the new star wars trailer below.

It’s worth it just to get those goosebumps down the spine again. Bit odd that Korea get footage the rest of us don’t though huh?

The Korean version give more of a sneak-peak at the First Order at the 0:02 mark, and Captain Phasma at the 0:24 mark. It’s pretty short at 30 seconds but as you would expect, you still get the nostalgic chills.

It looks like Captain Phasma is being lined up as a Boba Fett type character.

Captain Phasma has a bit of mystery and some slick armour to appeal to those hopeful bounty hunters out there. There’s something about being a dark figure with a different adventure around the corner every step of the way, having the freedom to pick and choose your missons utilising your talents to get that paycheck. Having a cool ship helps too.

We get to see thousands of stormtroopers, a few tie fighters, some AT-ATs and all the stuff you have seen before.

As a Star Wars fan, you’ve probably already shrewdly reviewed all the evidence so far, but these little extra trailers do always carefully include a few giveaways. Gosh I wish they would stop though. I want to walk into that cinema not knowing what to expect at all and I already feel I know far too much.

No more trailer please. Excitement levels are already maxed out. It’s Star Wars after all.

Bring on December 17th.

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