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The stars of Kong: Skull Island were pretty chilled about handling some massive gorillas. But spiders?

Patriotic as we are here at Digital Fox, we got pretty excited to hear the much anticipated Kong: Skull Island was being filmed primarily in Australia.

In fact, nearly all the outdoor scenes were shot in Queensland, specifically Tambourine Mountain, the Paperbark Forest and Tallebudgera Valley.

The cast on the other hand were a little less happy.

kong: Skull island
It gets worse than huge scary bull things. Source: Warner Bros.

Okay, I’ve got to admit. I get pretty annoyed when people from overseas think the only thing Australia has is crocodiles, spiders, snakes and outback. If I need to state the fact, I do not ride a kangaroo to school. Oh, and Crocodile Dundee isn’t my dad ( 🙁 ).

I just want people to appreciate the best our country has to offer: Beaches, coffee, beer, Shannon Noll.

Unfortunately for the cast of Kong: Skull Island (and my dreams of having Tom Hiddleston move to Australia and living with me), they were subjected to the most hilariously stereotypical Aussie outback experience.

Tom (bae) Hiddleston had this to say of their Australian experience:

“The safety officer was incredibly detailed about the number of things in the jungle that could kill us — brown snakes, funnel-web spiders, plants. There was one particular plant he showed us and said, ‘We call it a wait-a while and we have given it that name because if you touch it with your bare skin it will make you wait-a while and you will be sent to hospital and emergency treatment.”

Here’s what I say: Tom, you literally play Loki. Harden the fuck up. (Also, ignore what I just said and be my friend. PLEASE.)

kong: Skull Island
Kong’s just angry coz he was bitten by a red back. Source: Warner Bros.

Co-star Brie Larson also had an interesting Aussie experience:

“We were doing a lot of running in scenes and there are these plants that have crazy thorns on them and snag you quite easily and if they get on your skin it causes a rash and the only way to stop the itching is to wax. So all of the hair and makeup people had waxing kits.”

Our dear Brie is referring to the Gympie Gympie plant, which causes extreme agony and is one of the most poisonous plants in Australia. AKA, a fucking sick tree, and Brie should have been like, “Wow, Australian nature is really cool and unique.” I eat Gympie Gympie for breakfast. Well, weetabix. But it’s basically the same thing and shut up.

Brie actually considered leaving briefly, claiming: “It ended up being OK, but when your initial introduction is: ‘A large portion of the things here can kill you’ I was like” ‘I’m out!’.”

Not surprisingly, despite also starring in Kong: Skull Island, Samuel L. Jackson has not been quoted making any complaints. After much scientific investigation, Digital Fox has concluded that the reason for this is because he’s muthufuckin’ badass.

kong: skull island
Not as tough as they look. Source: Warner Bros.

Jokes aside, Kong: Skull Island actually looks really epic, and we’re excited. It is set for cinematic release this week.

P.S: I’m awarding 10 bucks and a ‘Digital Fox is the best website in Australia’ t-shirt to anyone who manages to get an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians filmed in the Australian wilderness.

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