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Ron Howard has been announced as the director for Han Solo: A Star Wars Story.

To say that the upcoming Han Solo film has had production issues is putting it lightly. More than halfway into production, directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller have left the project “by mutual consent”. It has now been confirmed that Ron Howard will direct the film – or what’s left of it.

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The Millenium Falcon needs a captain, and it ain’t Han Solo
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Ron Howard is an intriguing choice. My initial gut reaction was something along the lines of “Ron Howard? And Star Wars? No bloody way!”. Inferno (2016) was terrible, In the heart of the sea (2014) was dull and boring and both massively flopped at the box office.

However, Rush (2013) is a severely underrated film with a great story, characters and action sequences. Sadly, Rush too bombed at the box office. Thus, Howard has not made a commercially successful film since Angels and Demons (2009) – which was underwhelming but made tons of money. It begs the question, why Ron Howard?

Howard Ron Oscar
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Ron Howard is an Academy Award winning director.

Let’s not forget that Ron Howard is capable of making masterpieces like Apollo 13, A Beautiful Mind (2001) and Cinderella Man 2005). Howard has two best director Oscars under his mantle: one for A beautiful mind (2001) and Frost/Nixon (2008) also won Oscars for Best Picture. The prospect of having an Oscar-winning director helm a Star Wars movie is mindblowing!

The Chosen One?

Ron Howard George Lucas
Howard and George Lucas go way back. source – Mashable

Howard and has a surprising link with Lucasfilm not many know. Howard’s first major role was in George Lucas’ American Graffiti (1973). The then young director was offered by Lucas to helm one of the Prequels! Howard refused and persuaded George to direct them himself – and we all know how that turned out.

It’s not out of the realm of possibility that Lucas himself may have recommended Howard to Disney! It is ironic that Lucas, who was shunned by Disney, may have a huge influence in the Han Solo Star Wars film.

Howard is a logical and safe choice for the film.

Ron Howard is a true filmmaking veteran and a safe choice by Disney. Howard will no doubt help steer the ship to safety.

Alas, it would’ve been great to see Lord and Miller’s version of the film even though they were taking it in a different direction. Kathleen Kennedy and Disney are experts at playing it safe, *cough* The Force Awakens *cough*. It comes as no surprise they weren’t down for Lord and Miller’s version.

Nonetheless it is exciting to see what Howard does with this film, although it might be too late as the film is already five months into production. Sadly, the Han Solo film won’t truly be a Ron Howard film. Howard will do his utmost to mould the film into a finished product, but I can’t help but imagine what a true Ron Howard Star Wars film would be like, start to finish.

Han Solo: A Star Wars Story is slated to release in May 2018.

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