The Han Solo Death

Mark Hamill has suggested that the Han Solo death sequence could have had more emotional resonance, and that Leia and Luke not being present was a missed opportunity.

Now, when we think about it, he might be right. And let’s be honest, when is Mark Hamill ever wrong? Never, that’s when.

Sadly, apart from Chewbacca, nobody from the previous movies was around for the Han Solo death scene. This didn’t register with me at the time as I was too busy sobbing into my Gold Glass provided burrito when Han plummeted. He just wanted his son back dammit. Damn you Disney.

The Han Solo Death scene. Source: Disney

In this The Force Awakens scene, Han Solo is seen trying to bring his son Ben Solo back from the Dark Side and for a while is seems like he might be succeeding. Young Solo seems for a moment unsure, but then visibly makes a decision in his mind before ending his Father, Han Solo’s life. But you already knew all that because you’re a Star Wars fan. And if anyone gives me gripe about spoilers, then honestly, take a look at yourself and ask why you don’t know all of this already.

The sequence is emotionally charged for Star Wars fans to say the least, but Mark Hamill thought that the Han Solo death scene could have had even more gravity if Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa had been there. And Chewie was even ignored when returning to The Resistance.

Here’s the exchange with Fandango here.

Whilst we love Mark Hamill, his exact idea might have been hard to implement in line with the broader story, but I totally agree that the scene, at least in hind-site could have had even more weight. It could have been one of those cinematic sequences that define the year, but instead we’ve kinda got over it pretty quickly.

Typically modest, Hamill adds that he has “a lot of terrible ideas”, but he likes to share them in case he has an idea that the film-makers like. Maybe this one had some good points. Leia surely could have been there, or at least give more impact on Chewie, his friend. There was a lot more that could have been done there.

Other things I would have loved to have changed include:

  • Could we have done something other than a bigger death star? They even recognise that this was a bit of a joke in the movie, so why not do something a bit different?
  • The RathTar sequence was a little too Disney for my liking. That and it also came across very Indiana Jonesy, rather than Star Wars which never showcased that sort of humour in the original series, apart from maybe the Ewok on the speeder. That was fun and not at all cringey…
  • Kylo Ren to just be a little more adult like. It was a little too much like a teenage temper tantrum. I’m sure it resonated with a few people but it’s hard to take a villain seriously when anything sets him off.
  • The Resistance’s base could have been a bit more impressive. It doesn’t look like much of a resistance. Yet they still managed to take down a planet sized space station.
  • Chewie needed a hug after Han’s death, come on Leia. I know J.J Abrams admitted to this mistake, but it’s a pretty huge one. I mean, come on. Everyone watching that was thinking it. How was this missed?

The Han Solo death plot wasn’t a surprise to us here at Digital Fox. We were expecting a Butch Cassidy style shoot out with Chewie and Han holding out till the bitter end, but hey, that might well be in place for Star Wars: The Last Jedi for a few of our other favourites.

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