I won’t recap yesterday’s episode. I will however talk about Foxtel’s major blunder with Game of Thrones though.

If you tried to do the honest thing and pay for it, chances are you still haven’t seen it.

Thousands of people flooded to Facebook last night to vent their frustration to Foxtel. After over a year of waiting for a mere 7 episodes of their favorite TV drama, people returned home to encounter all sorts of problems with their Foxtel, the main one being that they were unable to log in to Foxtel Play or Foxtel Go and watch their beloved television adaptation.

Jess H writes “So, currently, ¬†it is impossible to watch this show legally in Australia? And we wonder why Australia has the highest rate of illegal downloads?? #winterisbuffering”

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While Heath M points out “you should have had the necessary resources to cater for a larger audience than expected. You had the numbers and the time.”

Source – Facebook

Others feel as though they were duped.

Although they weren’t per say, many have reported of having Showcase¬†available to them in the lead up. Only to have it taken away the day before Game of Thrones aired before asking for more money to upgrade their service, which if true was a sneaky move by Foxtel.

Source – Facebook

The people that paid big bucks to get exclusive rights to Game of Thrones are “devastated” but not as devastated as the fans that have been coughing up $45 a month just to watch the one show they want. Foxtel issued a quick statement after some of the technical issues.

The following posts appear to have been deleted and reworded on the page since we put this together, but check them out all the same.

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After this comment they followed shortly with another.

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This was a lot less apologetic and quick to rope in the rest of the planet to share blame, the latter statement is sure to not ease anyone’s mind.

What are the options for Foxtel and Game of Thrones now?

Foxtel says when they have fixed the problem you will be able to watch it on their on demand service. If you were clever enough to record it at 11am then why are you even reading this you lucky bugger? And please, invite us around.

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