Cheetah might be in The Flash

Has this week’s episode of The Flash – Infantino Street confirmed Wonder Woman’s existence in the Flash/Arrowverse?

First of all, I just need to give a huge shoutout to this week’s episode of The FlashInfantino Street (Season 3, Episode 22). Whilst it did have a couple issues, mainly characters behaving extremely stupid for the sake of plot progression, it was by far the best episode of The Flash season 3.

Infantino Street Spoiler Free Review

So a quick spoiler free review: It was a very emotional and bittersweet episode. The entire season has been building up to the pinnacle moment of the episode and let’s just say the showrunners didn’t drop the ball. The acting was superb, the emotions felt real, and by the end of the episode, I was very close to tearing up. Having said that, the jokes and funny bonding moments didn’t feel forced or out of place – it was just right.

If this episode were a feeling, it’d be as if you were having an argument or a fight with someone very close to you. You’re crying throughout the entire ordeal, but you’re trying to keep a straight face. And every once in a while, because you really don’t want to hurt each other, you’ll chuck in a fond memory where you both start laughing despite the tears streaming down your face. That was Infantino Street.

Infantino Street = Wonder Woman Confirmed in The Flash?

Now that’s out of the way, we need to bring in the possibility that Wonder Woman may be part of the Flash/Arrowverse! Now, this is more of an Easter Egg if anything, it doesn’t really reveal anything about the plot so don’t run away!

What happens is that The Flash somehow ends up in Argos (not saying why) and accidentally ends up stumbling upon where the Suicide Squad is housed/imprisoned. Now what’s interesting here is that we see a cell with the name ‘Cheetah’! This is Wonderous news! Why? Well, Cheetah is a long-time nemesis of Wonder Woman, whose origins are closely intertwined with Diana Prince’s. So if Cheetah definitely exists in the Flash/Arrowverse, it’s not too far of a stretch at all to believe that Wonder Woman could be in The Flash in the near future.

Wonder Woman in Arrow?

This isn’t the first time that the CW have laid down hints about the existence of other Justice League members.

Fans will remember in Season 4 episode 11 of Arrow that Oliver would have called Felicity ‘Oracle’ if it hadn’t been taken. The reason that’s funny and why it’s taken is because after the events of Batman: The Killing Joke, Barbara Gordon, A.K.A. Batgirl ended up receiving spinal damage and was confined to a wheelchair and then became ‘Oracle’. And if there’s a Batgirl, you can bet your ass there’s a Batman!

Also, in Season 3 episode 23 of Arrow, Oliver ended up travelling to Coast City, and long time fans will know that that is the home town of Hal Jordan, Earth’s original Green Lantern! There’s also been other references to Ferris Airlines, the company that Hal worked at, which catalysed the events leading up to him becoming a member of the Green Lantern Corps.

So yeah, there’s precedence in mentioning other members of the Justice League, but hopefully Wonder-Woman isn’t too much of a big name to bring in for a few episodes from time to time. Because let’s be honest, how cool would it be to let Wonder-Woman take down everyone on Team Arrow and Team Flash?

Did you notice any other Easter Eggs we missed out on? Comment down below to let us know!

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