You’re streaming The Walking Dead, but not Fear The Walking Dead. Quick question: Why?

The Walking Dead continues to be a major force on TV screens and devices, even though it’s shortly entering its seventh season.

Boosted initially this year by the soul-destroyingly evil Negan, it continues to pull in the viewers – albeit at a lesser rate in the second half of last year.

Fear The Walking Dead
Fear The Walking Dead Season 1. Source: AMC

So, with its legions of fans, why aren’t more people tuning into the spin-off series Fear The Walking Dead?

Here’s a few reasons to watch Seasons 1 and 2, and to stream season 3:

It’s the third most watched show on subscription channels right now.

It hasn’t reached the heights of The Walking Dead, but that’s still a big statement, especially for a spin off. And to make it to Season 3 in a hugely competitive environment shows they must be doing something right.

It’s only in its second season.

Which means there’s plenty more zombies to come, even if The Walking Dead tails off. So it’s worth investing some time in it sooner, rather than later.

Emma Caulfield

Emma Caulfield of Buffy fame is in Season 3. Nuff said. Wait, you want more? Okay, well, there’s no more info on this at the moment, although most fans suspect that Emma Caulfield will play a stint as a villain in the series.

Fear The Walking Dead Emma Caulfield
Emma Caulfield is cast in FTWD. Source: AMC

You get more background and some questions answered.

One of the frustrating things about The Walking Dead is not knowing the history, and what happened before Rick woke up in that hospital. This series gives you some solace with experiencing this through Fear The Walking Dead.

Female characters show major strength throughout the show.

TWD and FTWD both have strong female characters throughout the series. Whilst becoming increasingly common, these series have lead the way in crafting and maintaining these powerful women.

Madison Clark
Madison Clark. Source: AMC

It’s got its own theme.

Fear The Walking Dead explores the human condition a little more closely than The Walking Dead. It explores how humans deal with the scenario, and it’s got an entirely different tone to that of The Walking Dead.

Fear The Walking Dead isn’t limited by comic books.

Without the comic books you get no spoilers and the writers can truly go down the roads they want to go down, and pivot when they need to. Generally it allows the writers to be more inventive, which can only be a good thing. Unless they work for DC or something.

If you want to get up to speed on Season 2, it’s available now on Digital and will be released on Blu-Ray & DVD on February the 8th. Here’s the trailer:


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