What has happened to C-3PO and why does he have a red arm?

A day rarely goes by without a little sneaky bit of extra news coming out of Disney and all of the PR companies employed for Star Wars. This one gave me a little thrill though, because it gives a very small backing to my thoughts that despite the risks, JJ isn’t afraid of mixing it up.

In the latest batch of photos released by Disney, you can see that C-3PO has a red arm, almost like it was a quick repair job – surely there must have been a gold arm somewhere in the Rebel base (if it’s still called that). Also, we have already seen images of a C-3PO in toys and movie shots with a golden arm. Sounds like someone (probably Chewie) made do after a little mishap.


So, I don’t have any more to tell you, but whilst this might seem small, it does suggest to me that JJ will be fiddling around with the characters some more. But dear God I hope that means the Han Solo rumours aren’t true…

Here are the rest of the released photos, they don’t give away too much more – apart from that The First Order don’t know how to put their arms in sleeves.

See – arms are not in sleeves.

And the StormTrooper gun has two stocks, which is a little odd.

And there will be smoke, lot’s of smoke.

Let’s hope Threepio gave Chewie hell for that arm choice. Having said that I think C-3PO’s red arm is pretty swish.

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