Star Wars Australia

What if there was an Australian Star Wars?

It’s a long asked question by Aussies. Well, actually, maybe it isn’t. But, thankfully due to Michael Cox (Director) and Bryan Meakin (Writer) it’s been explored in full with a short film. Warning. It’s hilarious. And it’s below.

The Australian Star Wars, or Star Wars Downunder is an epic tale of the good, the bad and the thirsty.

Star Wars Downunder, is a full half hour of action, very good special effects and some seriously funny Aussie mannerisms, quotes and general sayings.

On the website where the Star Wars Downunder movie is hosted is clearly states that the objective of the movie was to “explore what would happen if you crossed Star Wars with an Australian beer commercial”.

The result is exactly what you might expect. A Jedi called Merve Bushwacker gets a thirst on, so along with his droid “Nugget” he seeks to quench it. This eventually leads him into an epic battle with Darth Drongo.

Australian Star Wars. Merve Bushwhacker
Merve Bushwhacker. Source:

Some good light-hearted banter produced a few years ago which deserves a lot more credit from any Star Wars fan, that might or might not be Australian. Check out the boomerang lightsabers. Genius.

Someone get these men a job at Disney.


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