Archer vs. Bob's Burgers
Archer vs. Bob's Burgers

Archer and Bob’s Burgers are two of the best shows on TV. But which is better? 

You may not recognise H. Jon Benjamin. You may have never even heard of him. But you probably know his voice.

The A class voice actor has an impressive resume, but two shows really stand out: Archer and Bob’s Burgers. So which of these is better?

The adult animation genre has made a real resurgence lately, and these similar yet distinct series are at the top of the pile. In Archer, Benjamin plays the potentially alcoholic and completely immature super spy Sterling Archer, who works for his mother at the hilariously named international spy agency ISIS.

archer vs. bob's burgers
Sterling Archer and lover/enemy, Lana. Source: IndieWire.

He delivers this character with his classic witty and deadpan style that perfectly suits the show’s writing.

Archer and the team are constantly thrown into unimaginably outrageous and dangerous situations that perfectly combine humour and intrigue, making for a gripping yet hysterical animation comedy.

On the other hand, in Bob’s Burgers Benjamin is a beleaguered family man struggling to keep his small town pun based burger restaurant afloat.

As the carer of three children that would all be in an asylum in real life and an equally crazy wife, Bob is everything Archer is not. He is mild mannered, frustrated and incredibly predictable – a far cry from the enigma that is Sterling Archer.

However, while Benjamin plays an entirely different character, the show’s antics are equally ridiculous and hilarious.

Every episode takes an entirely new approach, as the Belcher family embarks on one obscene adventure after another, constantly making you question if the restaurant is ever actually open.

Archer vs. Bob's Burgers
The brilliant voice behind Sterling and Bob, H. Jon Benjamin.

Personally, I think Archer has a more compelling storyline in each season that makes it extremely difficult to not let Netflix autoplay the next episode.

The humour is so raunchy and hard-hitting (phrasing) that you’re guaranteed to laugh out loud. In between this though, you develop genuine investment in the characters’ lives, wondering what will happen next.

However, it can definitely be argued that the sheer randomness of every Bob’s Burgers episode makes it even funnier.

You absolutely never know what to expect, so it always keeps you captivated and wondering how on earth the writers could think of such things.

I will say, the one aspect Bob’s definitely does better than Archer is the use of supporting cast and guest roles that are so genuinely ludicrous they make you want to laugh and cry at the same time (e.g. Tammy, Mickey, voiced by Bill Hader and Mr. Fischoeder).

Archer Vs. Bob's Burgers.
The Burger family. Source: Wired.

My advice: Apart from the GOAT, South Park, these are my two favourite animated shows on TV.

If you’ve got a spare 22 minutes and want a guaranteed laugh, chuck on an episode of Bob’s Burgers. However, if it’s a rainy day, your phone is dead and you lost the charger, and you managed to score an endless supply of popcorn and snacks, strap yourself in and binge watch Archer start to finish. I promise, you won’t regret it!