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Is Ben Affleck getting replaced as Batman in the DCU?

Word has dropped this morning that Warner Bros. is working on an exit strategy to remove Ben Affleck as Batman in a future instalment of the DCU.

Although this has yet to be confirmed from either Warner Bros or Affleck we may well hear the word out of Comic-Con this weekend.

Affleck joining the franchise seemed like an odd choice from the start. Remember when there were strong rumours that both Josh Brolin and Ryan Gosling had been approached for the part? Seems like an eternity ago. Since then Brolin has moved to the MCU as Thanos and Cable in two separate franchises.

Affleck as Batman. Source IMDB

Was Ben Affleck a good choice for the role to begin with?

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice was released with a lukewarm response. The film was overblown, much too serious and upheld by a villain who seemed to annoy the hell out of everyone.

Affleck himself received the most praise (if there was any to give); perhaps because his Bruce Wayne finally got the chance to flex his detective muscles on the big screen.

But then press time came around and Affleck could barely crack a smile…remember viral sensation Sad Affleck?

Zack Snyder and Warner Bros. were intent on letting everybody know that the follow up film Justice League would add more humour to proceedings, course correcting the franchise’s troubled start. We can all agree Suicide Squad only made matters worse; nobody needs to see the Joker acting like a pimp.

Early this year Ben cracked it while fielding questions regarding his directorial outing Live By Night, claiming it’s a “pain in the ass” to be constantly quizzed about what’s in store for the caped crusader.

jjj Affleck. Seems annoyed. Source. IMDB.

The current status on The Batman, and the possibility of Affleck getting replaced as Batman.

Affleck dropped his directorial duties for The Batman, claiming it was too much pressure to deliver on all fronts of directing, writing and starring. The period of mourning was short-lived when Matt Reeves (the man behind the superb Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes) was drafted as his replacement.

Reeves is planning to rewrite the film from scratch, focusing on noir-detective elements with Hitchcock as his muse. He’s even thrown out the idea of a potential trilogy. If that’s true it’s going to be even harder to lock in a forty plus year old Affleck.

Personally I would have loved to have seen what Affleck would have cooked up as director. Not since Dick Tracy have we seen a comic book adaptation where the star had almost complete creative control over a project.

If Affleck does bow out as Batman, what should happen next?

Although it’s been quite a quick turnaround for a recast of Batman, it’s not as though we haven’t seen this behaviour from Hollywood before. Andrew Garfield only survived two films as everyone’s friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man before Tom Holland swung in.

Will we have to see another Batman origin story or can we act like James Bond and move right along? Do we pass the mantle on to a younger Batman or will we see Affleck train up his replacement and then retire indefinitely? If we’re shaking things up maybe Joseph Gordon-Levitt can reprise his role from The Dark Knight Rises?

Heck while i’m throwing ideas around let’s just get Michael Keaton to don the cowl once again as an aged, grizzled Batman. He seems right at home back in the comic book world courtesy of his recent role as Vulture in Spiderman Homecoming.

Whatever happens, Batman won’t be away for long

With the heavy shadow of The Dark Knight trilogy still hanging overhead, Warner Bros. doesn’t seem to know what they want out of their version of Batman. One thing’s for sure, it won’t be long before the bat signal lights up the sky once again.

Keep your eyes peeled.


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