6 mistakes in the Logan movie


So, the dust has settled, and the Logan Movie has been, quite rightly, very well received. But, there were things that could have been improved. Below are 6 mistakes in the Logan movie that we would like to fix.

Hear us out before you come at us with claws a scraping.

Firstly, let me be clear. This was my favourite movie of 2017 so far. It was so refreshing to have a graphic superhero film featuring a much loved character and actor. There have been graphic superhero movies before – Watchmen comes to mind, but watching X-Men movies has become a stagnant experience, where quite often  I can’t even remember what title goes with which movie anymore. Nor do I care.

Logan really shook it up. Good on it, and it has had a heap of praise – quite rightly too. However, there are still a few things that could have made this awesome movie just that little bit better. They aren’t huge tweaks, but as my brother and I left the pre-screening at the time we chatted about this, and I wanted to put text to MacBook and get these down, and check to see if anyone had been thinking the same.

1. Firstly, let’s talk about the stupid green liquid mutant enhancer

Was this necessary? It just felt chucked in at the end. It wasn’t even given a name. Giving it to Wolverine at the end felt like a bit of an injustice. This is The Wolverine. He might be old and not what he used to be, but lets have him win the battle on his own without drugs, or a syrum. Sports stars around the world will be a little pissed.

2. And on that note, to elaborate a little more

Wouldn’t it have been even more beautiful if, just that one last time, we could have had a blast of pure Wolverine? One last blast of pent up rage that boosted up his performance enough to get through and save the day. For me it would have been more poetic to have Wolverine win that battle on his own, in true old fashioned Wolverine style (which it almost was). The stupid syrum really grated with me. Let the old dog have his final day, and then crash after spilling everything he has into it in a Wolverine rage.

There were some mistakes in Logan
Logan all ramped up on some green liquid. Source: Marvel

3. The way professor X died

Now, I understand that this movie had a very “life isn’t fair” rulebook. And I loved that. I just wish Professor X could have gone peacefully. We had just found out about the shock of what happened, and the pain he caused. He had a lovely day at the family house, just let him slip away, not be killed by a Wolverine look-a-like he was pouring his heart out to. This was a little too brutal.

4. Speaking of Professor X

It’s a bit of a shame he killed all the X-Men. I mean, I waded through all of those movies (most of them very bad), and to have it all mean nothing at the end of the day made me feel a little like I did at the start of Alien 3 when you find out that Newt and Cpl Hicks had died on the flight down to the prison planet. I probably understand this point more than the others as it really set the underlying tone for the movie, but still. That hurts.

Professor X in Logan
Professor X had a pretty sad and unfitting death. Source: Marvel

4. X-23 being not quite as Wolverine-y as she could have been

Okay, so great scenes as X-23 moves the cross on the grave of Logan into an X position. I was holding back a few tears. But wouldn’t it have been magic if she had took one look at the direction the rest of the kids were going, and then in a Logan like fashion, went the other way. This would be Logan in a nutshell and it was a good opportunity to convey that right at the end of the movie – I would have cried more.

5. Caliban was dull

For me, Stephen Merchants Caliban killed a lot of the scenes he was in. The humour didn’t seem to click and I didn’t feel the chemistry between Logan and Caliban. It could’ve worked, but it just didn’t.

Caliban in Logan
Caliban was a weak character. Source: Marvel

6. The villains were pretty weak and uninspiring

When you think about the potential villains that could have been included, the Reavers were pretty weak. And Logan frustratingly had plenty of chances to dispose of them early on but instead asked Caliban to dump the leader by the side of a road? X-24 was an interesting inclusion and ramped things up a little, and was a great stronger foil for Logan but it was still a touch tame.

Having said that, it was still an awesome movie, and it’s easy to look at things in hind-site but these are some, very subjective I might add, mistakes in the Logan movie that I think could’ve just given it that extra zip to become a true classic.

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