wolverine character
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The Wolverine character is one of the comic-book world’s favourite. But there’s a lot about him that would surprise you.

With the release of Logan, the Wolverine franchise looks to be coming to a close. Wolverine has become a fan favourite amongst X-Men lovers due to his bad-ass persona. But let’s take a look at five things you probably didn’t know about the notorious Wolverine character.

5) In the original Wolverine costume, Wolverine’s claws weren’t attached to him.

Wolverine character
Wolverine in funky suit. Source: www.cinemablend.com

Wolverine is a pretty formidable mutant. His resume includes: Enhanced, animal-like senses; the ability to heal from any damage (except deception); peak strength; speed, and agility. However the thing that defines Wolverine is obviously his claws. But check this out: His claws weren’t originally part of him!

Wolverine writer Len Wein and artist John Romita had other ideas. An early 70s drawing shows Wolverine in a funky looking suit, with the claws attached to gloves he was wearing. These claws were also attached to his wrist rather than knuckles. Weird huh?

Thankfully this dumb idea was later scrapped in the 80s, when Wolverine was shown to have claws made of adamantium. But people still thought it was an add on due to the Weapon X program. It wasn’t until the early 90s that Wolverine was revealed to have claws as part of his skeleton even before it was coated in adamantium.

A world where Wolverine has toy claws similar to a lame spy gadget is not a world I want to be part of. This is not ok!

 4) Wolverine’s claws hurt like a mofo.

Wolverine character
Mum my claws hurt. Source: QuirkyByte

It’s no surprise really. If you think about it, why wouldn’t it hurt? If I had indestructible razor sharp metal claws slicing through my knuckles I would probably cry. When Wolverine releases his claws for use it slices through skin. Wolverine’s powers do not include a numbness to pain, just a quick healing process, which is why you never see the wound. Although I doubt Wolverine would be the sort of bloke to cry about it.

The adrenaline pumping through his body before he is about to slice his enemy like salami would probably make the pain bearable. Probably just a strong pinch similar to getting an injection. However in the comic Fatal Attraction, when his healing factor was diminished, you can see bleeding and he is obviously in serious pain. This just makes him more badass.

That’s probably why he only uses his claws in the heat of battle rather than to peel potatoes. 

3) Hugh Jackman wasn’t the first choice to play the Wolverine character in the Wolverine movies.

Wolverine character
How do you like me now. Source: Deadline

After seeing Hugh Jackman on the big screen as Wolverine for the past 17 years, it’s hard to imagine anyone else. However, X Men director Brian Singer originally had other plans. The main man in consideration was originally Russel Crowe, but apparently he had no interest in portraying a mutant for a comic book adaption. I bet he’s regretting that decision now. It’s fine though because we all prefer Hugh anyway.

A bunch of other tough looking actors were also considered but the man that Brian Singer settled on was Dougray Scott. He had to pull out last minute due to being on set for Mission Impossible 2, and Hugh Jackman was brought in as a last minute replacement. Unfortunately Brian Singer wasn’t too happy with the replacement but it all worked out pretty well. Click this link to see his audition.

2) In the Wolverine comics, Wolverine fought Spock and lost.

Wolverine character
This never happened, i swear! Source: Wolverine Files

Yes you read that correctly, Spok from Star Trek. Well this is quite embarrassing for Wolverine and I’m still trying to understand how this was even possible.

Apparently in the 90s, Marvel was going bankrupt so they needed to come up with a get rich quick scene. They came up with a bunch of scenarios with crossovers from other franchises, eg: Wolverine vs Spock. Well it definitely worked. One 1996 series was an X-Men/Star Trek combination, where there was a kind of team-up between the X-Men and Star Trek squads.

Wolverine went full rage mode at Spock for some reason and Spock beat down Wolverine like he was his little brother. This makes absolutely no sense because in real life we all know Wolverine would have sliced him into a Spock Curry. Some people will do anything for money.

1) Wolverine was nearly called ‘Badger.’

I’m Wolverine, trust me. Source: Pinterest

Ummm… what? It doesn’t quite have the same ring to it. Back in the early 70s when Len Wein was creating the Wolverine character, Marvel wanted him to come up with a mutant to increase their sales in Canada. The options were ‘Wolverine’ or ‘Badger’, both of which are native to Canada. And yes, the wolverine is a real animal.

Thankfully he settled on Wolverine because there is no way the X-Men would have had the same success if their main bad-ass would have been a mutant Badger. The world of comic books would have been a very different place had ‘Badger’ prevailed.

Well there you have it. Five weird and wonderful facts about everyone’s favourite X-Men anti-hero, our beloved Wolverine character. With the 3rd instalment of the Wolverine trilogy released recently and Hugh Jackman’s final performance, it’ll be interesting to see who replaces him as Wolverine.

Oh, and if you haven’t watched Logan yet, you should probably read this.