The Wall
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If you love tense action movies than you need to see The Wall. But before you do, here’s 5 things that you really need to know about The Wall.

With so many awesome action movies out there, do we really need another? Well the answer is YES! Duh of course, why not? Everyone loves a good action movie. But what you probably don’t know is that The Wall isn’t just your typical shoot em, epic explosion, action movie.

The Wall is a thriller and will keep you on the edge of your seat because…

The Wall is essentially a film about a cat and mouse chase between two wounded soldiers and a deadly villain. Doug Liman directs The Wall and if you’ve seen his last movie, Edge of Tomorrow, than you know he delivers on super tense, edge of your seat thrillers.

Most of the film follows the two wounded soldiers trying to survive while being hunted down by a deadly sniper. What could be more thrilling? The fact that this is set during the Iraq war makes this action thriller super realistic, which adds to the intensity of it.

Most of the The Wall is set in only one location with two soldiers.

The Wall
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This might sound a bit lame but I’m telling you it works because the tension is dank. The best way to create that tension is to follow two characters’ story and then watch them try to survive. It allows you to really bond with the soldiers personally without giving you a break from the drama.

Picture 127 Hours with James Franco. His character features all the way through the film, which creates this pressure cooker tension while also allowing the audience to see the man behind the character. His motivations, personality etc. Remember how that caused so much tension and feels for the character? Well The Wall is similar in that aspect with the two soldiers.

Also the fact that you don’t get to see much of the villain (he communicates through the radio frequency) makes him even more terrifying because you can’t relax even for a second. He could be anywhere. He’s a deadly sniper after all and people fear what they can’t see.

The Wall stars John Cena.

The Wall
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I don’t know how I feel John Cena trying to be an actor but he was surprisingly good in the film. He plays one of the two main soldiers who gets injured while conducting a counter sniper mission. John Cena has more of a supporting role in The Wall so we don’t really see much of him in action. But he’s still a very likeable character and his role significantly adds to the drama.

I reckon after this film you might see him in a lot more action films; he’s got potential. All that charisma in the wrestling ring definitely translates well on screen. How does he compare as an actor to his fellow wrestler, The Rock? Hmmmm, I’ll leave that one up to you.

The Villain in The Wall is pretty lame.

The Wall
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While The Wall gets a thumbs up for being a thrilling war movie, the villain kind of ruined it for me in some ways. Juba is a deadly Iraqi sniper who’s killed more people than Arnold Schwarzenegger in any of his (terrible) films. He’s just too melodramatic.

I mean, he does make some very valid points about the war, but some of the dialogue borders on cheesy melodrama. Some people though may really like the heightened dramatic aspect of it though. Just a matter of personal opinion. He’s still really creepy though.

The Wall strikes the right balance between politics and entertainment.

As mentioned, the villain does make some very valid points about Iraq war politics but a lot of it leans towards your typical dramatic evil dude. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The film’s setting during the 2007 end of the Iraq war is definitely noticeable throughout the film, but keep in mind it is not just a film about the Iraq war.

The Wall is a great action thriller that contains some surface level political and moral criticisms. In my opinion it offers the best of both worlds for an audience who wants to see a movie about the realities of the war but still want an action movie. In that regard, The Wall sort of falls between The Hurt Locker and Lone Survivor. 

So there you have it. 5 things you should know about The Wall. It’s honestly a seriously good action thriller and if you’re a fan of the genre than give this a watch. It’s got tension, action and subtle political meaning. That’s a recipe for an epic war film.

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