4 things you should know about Cable

Yes, excitingly, we will be treated to Cable in Deadpool 2. Here are some important facts about Josh Brolin’s character.

We recently got our first look at Josh Brolin’s next comic-book incarnation as Cable, and no doubt there’s going to be plenty more in the build up to Deadpool 2

As we all know, Fox (finally) made a good call in making Deadpool in 2016. The R-Rated movie was an instant hit. It replaced the conventional (and overly used) goody-two shoes superhero stories to a more dark-humoured, fourth wall-breaking character.

Deadpool is impossible to hate because he doesn’t give a soaked biscuit about anything (apart from his love life), so it’s no surprise that Deadpool 2 is one of the most anticipated movies in 2018.

By involving Cable (which is the best idea since Ryan Reynolds released the test footage) the expectations are a new high. It looks like Fox have made another good call in getting Cable in the next film. We’ve written about the main exciting things you should expect in Deadpool 2 here.

Below, we’ve got the lowdown on Cable. If you don’t want to know then here’s a spoiler alert. He’s the son of the coolest leader of the X-men: Scott Summers AKA Cyclops. Cyclops was of course sadly toned down in the original trilogy and got blasted to bits by the end. 

How did he get that cybernetic eye? Did he steal that metal arm from the Winter Soldier? Why is he that old? Did daddy Cyclops ever take him to a ball game?! And how did he ever get to become Deadpool’s buddy?

None of those questions are answered below. But I can tell you other super cool stuff that makes Cable such an interesting character in the Marvel universe:

1. Cable has famous parents

So Cable is Scott Summers’ son, but who is his mother? The mother is, surprise, a clone of Jean Grey herself named Madelyne Pryor. The clone was created by Mr. Sinister, which was part of a grand plan to use Cable to beat Apocalypse.

Cable was born Nathan Summers and was a pretty normal baby. Well, as normal as a mutant baby with two powerful mutant parents, until the whole thing with Apocalypse.

2. Cable has some mental powers (like his mother)

Cable in Deadpool 2
Who’s excited for Cable in Deadpool 2? Source: Marvel

Cable was unfortunately infected with a techno-organic virus as a baby by Apocalpyse. This began turning him into a machine, which would have eventually killed him. His telekinetic and telepathic powers inherited from his mother kept them from turning him into a complete machine before they eventually found a cure.

3. Cable is from the future, kind of…

Cable and Deadpool make quite the dynamic duo. Source: Marvel

Well, duh! That explains why he looks that old in the current time stream. Cable, after being infected by the techno-organic virus, was sent 2000 years into the future for a cure and comes to the past as a time-traveler with a mission.

In the comics, he’s usually there to stop Apocalypse and the Mutant Liberation Front. It will be really interesting to see why he’s in the past (our present) in Deadpool 2.

4. Cable has a deadly villain. And it’s not Apocalpyse.

Will apocalypse be making an appearance with Cable in Deadpool 2
Will Apocalypse be making an appearance with Cable in Deadpool 2? Source: Marvel

What’s a character without his own sworn enemy? Marvel made it interesting enough by making the bad guy a clone of Cable (there was a lot of that cloning stuff going at the time) and called it Stryfe.

Cable never has it easy. He was cloned as a baby and no one knew about it. He was framed for an assassination attempt on the Professor himself. Oh, speaking about the Professor, he gave him the mutant name Cable since he connects the past and the future. Wish he’d called himself ‘wheels’ though, right? Right?! Okay, I’ll stop.

Interestingly, Cable makes a fine leader like his dad and started the X-force in the future. He has also managed to become a fan-favourite duo with Deadpool.

There are some really wild storylines that can be explored in the cinematic version with Cable in the Deadpool universe. One thing we can be sure of is that it’s going to be hilarious in a buddy-cop style.

Meanwhile, here’s why we felt Ryan Reynolds should have got an Oscar for Deadpool.


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