The Temple of Ages

James Edward Costa, serial independent viral video maker, has started working on a The Legend of Zelda: The Temple of Ages independent movie.

Jamie Costa’s first foray into independent film making was Han Solo: A Smugglers Trade, which was a fun take on the much loved Han Solo character. You can find our review for that here. The Legend of Zelda is bound to be a tougher task given the mute link.

Now, obviously, The Legend of Zelda is a much loved series of video games (and animations) produced by Nintendo. Some of our favourites at Digital Fox include The Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess and the latest of the series, The Breath of the Wild.

Jamie is currently raising funds on Indiegogo, and has already acquired $1,800USD of the  $30,000USD required to produce Legend of Zelda: Temple of Ages.

The Temple of Ages
Here’s where you can donate to The Legend of Zelda: The Temple of Ages. Source: Indigogo

We’ve already signed up for the Sheik secret updates for The Legend of Zelda: The Temple of Ages.

If you’re a fan of Jamie or indeed just The Legend of Zelda, you should consider doing so as well as there’s some really exciting interaction going on: Film updates, one on ones with Jamie himself, VIP access etc etc.

If you’re around the Utah area you might as well go all out and sign up for the Cosplay photos with Link package which looks like a tonne of fun. Sadly, we are not, being half a world away in Australia.

Temple of Ages perks
Here are the perks you can gain from supporting the project. Source: Indigogo

This fan movie is a result of a self-professed meeting of filmmakers/nerds at a convention a couple of years ago. The film synopsis is below.

During a time of peace, Rauri trains the next hero of Hyrule to take his place as the protector of the sacred Temple of Ages. Link struggles with the weight of his new responsibility.

For those familiar with The Legend of Zelda timeline, you would like to know that The Legend of Zelda: Temple of Ages takes place just after The Four Swords, and just before The Ocarina of Time (our favourite game ever).

The Legend of Zelda: The Temple of Ages timeline in Zelda
Here is The Temple of Ages timeline in The Legend of Zelda universe. Source: Indigogo

Now, with Jamie Costa’s history of producing some perfectly toned independent short movies, we think The Legend of Zelda: The Temple of Ages might just be a fan film winner. Here’s the trailer for all those The Legend of Zelda fans, and you can hear Zelda’s voice throughout this little teaser.

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