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The Roccat Cross is not just for gamers.

We’ve got a fair few gamers over here at Digital Fox, and they were pretty excited to get their hands on a pair of Roccat Cross headphones.

I think mostly that was because Jules keeps talking about film noir and it’s started to drive everyone more than a little mad. But headphones are cool too.

Thankfully, I got there first and noticed the tag line ‘Outstanding Everywhere’. So naturally, because advertising never lies, I ripped it away from the gamers and had a go away from the games consoles to give it a broader test.

Roccat Cross headset
Roccat Cross. Source:

Now, I’m a pretty standard guy.

I’m not one for the very latest technology and I am fairly easy to please. In fact, right now I have my iPhone standard earplugs in. I can feel your judgement from here and it hurts.

But even a quasi-caveman like me can appreciate some good sound when I hear it. The Bieber beats (iPhone on random of course) now flowing through the Roccat Cross cups suddenly sounded much much cleaner, each beat and whine mercilessly entering my brain until I skipped the Biebs for something much cooler and definitely not Miley Cyrus’ greatest hits.

The sound quality was remarkable, but first let’s talk about the headset.

The Roccat Cross has a leatherette headband that fits snugly on your head, and some memory foam ear-pads that wrap tightly around your ears. This keeps them warm, which, whilst it’s not their primary function, was much appreciated on a colder evening than expected in January.

Leather Headset for gaming
Roccat Cross Leather Headset. Source:

The headset is light.

It managed to stop me feeling like a helicopter landing technician – which is by no means an easy feat when I wear a headset. You’re also provided with both an in-line for mobile and a boom-arm for use on both PC and consoles.

Naturally whilst the in-line works well for mobile, you can also use the boom-arm mic for your PC, Xbox, PSN, Nintendo. It is frustrating however that for any console you will need to purchase an adapter separately, which, quite frankly is ridiculous for a headset that promotes itself as a gaming headset.

Conveniently there’s an easy to access volume control on the left ear-cup, which is easy to reach mid-gaming, or just mid-listening. Turn that Bieber up!

Roccat Cross two mics
Roccat Cross Mic. Source:

As mentioned earlier, the sound is crisp – very crisp.

It’s actually one of the better headsets I have ever tested in terms of audio quality. The Roccat Cross is equipped with 50mm neodymium magnet driver units delivering ‘studio grade’ stereo sound. I can’t really argue.

The thing I liked most about the headset was that it stayed snugly in the perfect position, and didn’t get awkward even after playing a few games on FIFA, a game where I notoriously jump up and down in rage.

My one main complaint would be that the headset feels a little cheap and plasticky, and whilst the narrow ear-cups fit snugly on my ears, I think some members of the Digital Fox team with Dumbo ears (no names given) did struggle. Larger ear-cups might have been better.

If you need a headset that works in gaming and non-gaming environments, this is a solid option.

Roccat Cross

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