rock band 4
Archer in Rock Band 4. Source: Playstation.

Playstation have announced that Sterling Archer will have a singing cameo in Rock Star 4.

In the long list of things that make me laugh, the top three would be between, Prime Ministers in Speedos, my own cooking, and Archer. In fact, it’s more than just the Archer television show: It’s the big man Sterling Archer himself. I literally peed myself every time the international secret agent said “phrasing” or tipped Woodhouse’s possessions off the balcony (but not literally). For me, it’s one of the funniest comedies ever.

So you can imagine that upon hearing that the great Sterling Malory Archer would appear in Rock Band 4, I smiled out loud.

rock band 4
Sterling Malory Archer: Voice of an angel. Source: Playstation.

Now, I never really imagined Sterling’s husky low voice would suit the microphone. But thinking further I realised, he is the perfect front man: Cool, mysterious, sexy, apathetic. H. Jon Benjamin should really consider a career change.

How and why did Rock Band 4 even choose Archer?

Two words: Danger. Zone.

If you’re a fan of the FXX series (shut up if you’re not), you would remember Sterling paying homage on a number of occasions to rock star Kenny Loggins’ massive hit “Danger Zone”.

Well, it just so happened that Kenny’s klassic (please excuse bad spelling for a sexy bit of alliteration) landed in the Rock Band DLC Music Library. And what were their first thoughts? Malory.

The folks behind Rock Band 4 had this to say:

“You could say that we like Archer as much as Archer likes, well, “Danger Zone”.”

I want to say they’re really cool, but then again, who doesn’t love Archer?

rock band 4
Call him. DO IT! Source: Buzzfeed.

Anyway, they reached out to FXX and the show’s creators, and the next thing you know, we’ve got ourselves a good ol’ fashioned collaboration.

What challenges did the Rock Band 4 creators encounter?

If you’ve ever played Rock Band, you’d recognise their signature 3D style. Archer on the other hand is cel-shaded, 2D animation. Visually, they are opposites.

After playing around with a couple of different approaches for how Archer might look in Rock Band 4, including an Archer character in the traditional Rock Band style, the game designers ultimately decided to stick with the look and feel of the original show. So they created a custom cel-shader, just for Archer.

“The end result is an Archer that looks like he was pulled straight from TV and dropped on stage. We think he looks awesome – he almost pops off the screen!”

When will you be able to hear Sterling Archer’s beautiful singing voice?

Well, today. Yeh. If you’ve got the game, just press update.

Basically, get rocking. It’s time to enter the Danger Zone.

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