original journey

Original Journey is as fun as it is frustrating. Rewarding and addictive, there are still plenty of times you might want to throw your controller at the wall.

Original Journey is a hand drawn 2-D action game with a rouge like play style. Set on the hostile Planet Shadow you play as an Ato. Basically a turnip with a brain, your racer’s world is dying and you are looking for a new source of energy to help your vegetable friends.

For the record the pencil drawn shooter recommends you use an Xbox controller when playing. As I was playing on PC my play through of Original Journey was on my steam controller which works just fine. I didn’t even try out the keyboard and mouse even though you are able to as the controller just felt right for this game.

The green grading marrys the grey pencil art beautifully. Source – Steam Screenshot

The tutorial is as quick as the learning curve.

With a short play through tutorial you learn the basics of being a metal suited vegetable, quickly running through the basic idea of the game whist paralleling the story. Any fans of this genre of game will pick up the controls quick and its nice they don’t think of their audience as idiots.

The ability to upgrade your weapons and armour is there but it falls short of anything too gratifying. The level 1 armours are much the same save the look, with little explanation of any differences (there seems to be something with damage, health and luck). You can install modifications but I would love some more options for upgrading or more powerful upgrades.

Carve up mutant aliens with this ride on buzz saw. Source – Steam Screenshot

The weapons are fun and come in quite a variety.

Weapons are available in various types catering to different play styles. You can melee mutated bees in the face with a Rapier or you can take out laser shooting wasps from a safe distance with a sniper rifle. I would again love to be able to level up my favourite weapons to be more powerful or add new abilities, but perhaps this is available later in the game.

As you kill more enemies on your outings you gain experience and level up, becoming slightly more powerful each time you do the rounds. Each level is generated at random with more powerful enemies the further you go in the game.

At times, the grinding can be frustrating and at times you might want to throw your controller at the wall when you die. Losing your loot and trying to make it back to that point to pick it up can be tense but rewarding.

These bloody thorn bushes were a pain in the ass. Source – Steam Screenshot

The pencil drawn landscape is detailed and cute.

While the Ato race looks harmless they have certainly learned to pack a punch. They look sleek in their special armour while the monsters look horrifying. The pencil art however can cause the problem of some monsters attacks being slightly hidden in the landscape. You need to keep your eyes extra peeled for some of the faint grey blobs or spikes headed your way.


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