Overwatch‘s Mei has a cold cold origin story.

Earlier today, Blizzard released another short for Overwatch at this year’s Gamescom. This time, Mei is the star.

While she is definitely a fan favourite, unless you’ve been diving through the dense backstory of Overwatch, you might not know how dark things get for the cuddly star.

The short begins with Mei stationed at an Antarctic research facility. To survive an oncoming storm, her and the rest of the team at Ecopoint Antarctic undergo cryogenic freezing. Something goes wrong in the process and Mei is the only one to emerge, some nine years later.

With power rapidly running out, Mei has to MacGyver herself a cryo-gun (I can see the logic there), repair a communication tower to get a message out and finally head out into the Antarctic tundra.

Despite the fact Blizzard has put out some truly glorious animated shorts in the last few years, I’m still left feeling very underwhelmed by all their cinematics. They still come nowhere close to capturing the fun and humour of the character intros to Team Fortress 2.

I’m just going to ignore how much Overwatch borrows from that game before I work myself up. And whatever lore or backstory to the world they add is undercut by all the gameplay of Overwatch essentially being non-canon.

That being said, Pixar could take notes from what I assume is Blizzard’s Cute Division. If Mei wasn’t adorable enough for you, every scene with her pet drone Snowball will make you squeel uncontrollably.

All in all, Mei’s backstory is enough to make you feel sorry for her. But then you remember she is the coldest, most infuriating character to go up against. So, maybe she deserved it.

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