We sat down with Capcom and played through a demo of Monster Hunter World on PS4 and boy were we impressed.

If you are unfamiliar with the Monster Hunter series then the title might give away what it is somewhat about. The 5th instalment from Capcom’s successful series takes place in a new world where you and your friends (if you choose) track and take down vicious monsters.

Using a variety of weapons and armour, as well as the environment itself, you must utilise all at your disposal to deal with these threats and gain a bunch of loot. Monster Hunter World is due to be released early 2018 on PS4 and XBOX One and then PC shortly after. Our early look at the demo has us chomping at the bit for release day.

The beautiful, colourful world of Monster Hunter World captivates you from the get go.

Even just the launch screen of Monster Hunter World had me wanting to jump in. The atmospheric music and beautiful lens flare combining with the perfect bokeh made me not hit “Start” right away. Once I did however, the immersive colourful environment drew me right in. I almost forget there are monsters around that want to eat my face.

Monster Hunter World uses an In-Universe Game Clock so you get to experience the beauty of sunrise and sunset. Plenty of useful items light up for you to harvest. You can use these as weapons, potions or upgrades. Much like in The Witcher, potions made from the flora of the world can be quite useful when picking a fight with an angry monster.

After a brief explore around my environment I thought it was best to actually hunt some monsters, that being the game and all.

The beautiful world is vibrant and colourful. Source – Monster Hunter World Trailer

Quests, Rewards and…well…monsters…

Being somewhat of a Monster Hunter noob, I wasn’t entirely sure what I was doing I must admit. I accepted the “Easy”quest (rated in stars) and was on my way to find and kill my first monster. Lucky for me the game helped me out somewhat. Little fairy lights called Scoutflies, which reminded me of Navi from The Legend of Zelda, helped get me in the right direction. I found myself some footprints so I knew I was getting close and then the biggest hint yet. The belly scrapings left along the sand like a salt water crocodile.

I followed the clues along the path, tracking footsteps all the way and gaining exp for doing so. I passed a load of herbivore dinosaurs and ran through sweeping long grass and under tangled vines. My little big eared companion hanging by my side the whole time. I popped out of a pathway and over a ridge and found the big bellied beast.

Battle ensued and I pulled out my trusty switch axe (half sword half axe) and locked on to my enemy and hacked away. Rolling away from his attacks I put the pressure on and worked my way through him, doing enough damage to put him on his side and give me some free hits. As the monster tried to run I gave chase and caught up to him and managed to finish the job. I was congratulated and awarded with plenty of items which I could sell or keep to help construct more powerful weapons to take on tougher Monsters.

You can see why this beast has a big belly. Source – Digital Fox Media

Tyrannosaurus? Wait no now its a Spineosaurus.

My next quest was going to be a lot harder, 2 stars harder in fact. Making my way to the last known location I found more tracks which let me know I was getting near. As I entered a cave which had me a little worried, I crept around the corner and there he was. Like a sleeping giant even bigger than me while lying down. I crept up behind him taking in his massive size and I had to second guess myself, I didn’t realise what I was in for.

I decided my best bet was to hit the beast in the head. He was not happy. After a brief clash in the cave he ran outside into a crater. I did a bunch of damage and made him pretty mad, mad enough that he sprouted wings and a sail. This is also where I discovered he could breathe fire…

I chased the monster around finding that the sword function of my weapon seemed to be working best. After managing to get himself tangled in vines I was able to dish out a ton of damage. The battle continued and while I tried my best to avoid his charges and kicks, I had to use a ton of potions to stay alive.

The battle ended where it began, in his cave. I gained even better items and was whisked away by a flying dinosaur to safety. I’ll admit I am probably one of the only players on earth who felt some remorse for killing the second Monster. I think that’s mainly because he was minding his own business and having a snooze when I awoke him with an axe to the face.

The fire breath took me by surprise… Source – Monster Hunter World Trailer

2018 can’t come soon enough.

There is so much more to see and do in the game that I couldn’t get around to on my short play through. The crafting and resource gathering seem like great features. I really enjoyed my play through of Monster Hunter World and cant wait to get my hands on a copy next year.

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