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Injustice 2 has nearly arrived! We catch you up on Injustice: Civil War so you can just dive straight in.

With Injustice 2 being released on the 17th of May, fans are getting well and truly hyped. The arcade-styled fighting game comes with your favourite DC characters, super-powered finishers, the ability to customise armour, and a surprisingly good plot that we weren’t really asking for but are still pretty happy about.

Now for those who didn’t know, the original Injustice: Gods Among Us game was released in 2013, so we’re going to be covering a quick recap as to the story of the first game, as well as what the second game has in store. That way new players can go into the 2017’s Injustice 2 without having to play the old one. You’r welcome

Also: Spoilers. But not really because the bloody game was released four years ago.

Injustice: Civil War

injustice 2
Injustice: Civil War gameplay. Source: YouTube.

The story starts off with the Joker both tricking Superman into killing Lois Lane and setting off a nuclear bomb in the city of metropolis. Nek minut Superman takes literally no shits, kills the Joker, and unifies the world under an authoritarian regime… as you do.

As this happens Batman creates an insurgency (rebellion) against him because Superman is going about stopping crime in all the wrong ways: through intimidation and putting fear in the hearts of villains, rather than resorting to murder (except in the case of the Joker). It’s funny because that’s Batman’s entire shtick.

If it sounds confusing just compare Superman to Anakin/Darth Vader and Batman to the Rebels. After the death of their wives, both Supes and Darth make the Regime/Empire to create “peace, freedom, justice and security to [their] new empire.” (Yes I have that quote memorised too). And then the Rebels come in, because ‘FREEDOM’.

The game continues five years later with Batman trying to bring down Supes’ totalitarian regime by bringing in the help of other Justice League members from an alternate universe (I know it can be confusing, just go with it).

There are some adventures along the way, where you as the player get to battle other heroes and or villains. Ultimately – and MASSIVE spoiler warning here – you beat Superman’s regime, and imprison him and his compatriots (Wonder Woman, Cyborg and a few others).

Injustice 2: Act Two Of Civil War!

injustice 2
Get him Supes! Source: Playstation

Injustice 2 picks up where Injustice: Gods Among Us ended, with Batman trying to repair a fractured society left by Superman’s regime.

To make matters worse, Batman needs to recruit both superheroes and supervillains to his ranks to fight off the emerging threats: remnants of the Regime, ‘The Society’, Braniac, and the need of plot progression!

But who are these mysterious and unknown villains who threaten Batman’s insurgency? Well that’s what we’re here to find out.

‘The Society

‘The Society’ or ‘The Secret Society of Super Villains’, is pretty straight forward: They’re a society of villains. In this iteration, we have Gorilla Grodd uniting ‘The Society’ to take down humanity, and establish a new totalitarian Regime.

The line-up for Injustice 2 has fans pretty hyped, mainly because the creators are using the massive popularity due to Suicide Squad and really good comic book stories. They include:

Deadshot: A mercenary who doesn’t miss! No superpowers, he’s just really good at his job.

Poison Ivy: This red-haired supervillain has the ability to control plants, but can use them as weapons to kill people. Don’t mess with her, because she will fuck you up!

Bane: Another non super-powered individual who has the ability of… access to steroids! In any case, he’s incredibly smart and incredibly strong, and is one of the few villains that Batman is afraid of.

Cheetah: A Wonder Woman villain who is like a cheetah? She can beat Wonder Woman in a fight!

Reverse-Flash: EOBARD FUCKING THAWNE. Dear lord, this is The Flash’s numero uno adversary who is fucking ruthless. Best villain here! But yeah, he’s also super fast. The end.

Catwoman: A cat burglar who like Batman is also good at fighting?

Captain Cold: A rogue after my heart, with a gun that could freeze it. He has a ‘cold gun’ which freezes things.

Scarecrow: He drugs people to make them fearful? I think Batman Begins explains this better.


So if you’ve seen some of the trailers for the game, you would have also noticed a robotic looking guy with some tentacles – and just to get this out of the way, no, it is not Doctor Octopus from Spiderman 2. This enigmatic, extra-limbed villain goes by the name Brainiac!

Braniac captures large cities from planets, miniaturises them into these orbs, and blows up the rest of the planet because why not. I don’t believe an explanation has been provided as to why Brainiac does this in the game, but in the comics, it’s to save the life-forms of those planets from another alien race who look to destroy all life. So Brainiac saves these planets from total annihilation by capturing some cities, and then destroying the rest, because… comics?

But yeah, it looks like we’ll be seeing Brainiac try to take down Supes because he didn’t do his full job in completely wiping out and capturing Krypton.

In any case, that was a brief recap of the first Injustice game, and what we know so far going into the second, because what’s the point in getting and playing an entire game when you can read an article from your friendly neighbourhood writer-man?


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