Where does Far Cry rank for FPS?

The Far Cry games have never failed the task of offering players wicked story-lines, top class visuals and as much bang for your buck you can expect from a first person shooter. But just where does it compete with the likes of COD, Halo and Battlefield?

In the game you play as Jason Brody, who goes on a skydiving vacation on a tropical island along with his older brother and friends. Things start to go seriously bad fast when Jason and friends are captured by pirates and taken prisoner by Vaas, the leader of the pirates and not the nicest of blokes.

Jason must grow up fast from an average fairly quiet guy, to a complete bad ass of a warrior in order to save himself and his friends from slavery and torture (which means Rambo style killing frenzies).

This game continues the Far Cry trend and offers stunning visuals which allow the player to feel what it would actually be like to be there.

If you enjoy first person shooters you would be crazy to give this game a miss and it’s up there with the best of 2012.

Far Cry 3
Far Cry 3

My rating: 8/10

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