After seeing this clip yesterday, I was thrilled at how creative people can be. Introducing a real life zombie experience.

Finally, a great use for Chatroulette. This great idea results in a retro style of game (complete with a Batman style voiceover), that us older kids used to play in backyards, pretending to be good or bad guys, with the 21st century tech tools.

This was a pretty ambitious project, created by Realm Pictures (British film company) and Red House Mysteries designers. They filmed the progress of players from Chatroulette, who controlled the game by visually and verbally communicating to the zombie hunter in a FPS zombie experience.

In a nutshell, the random players had to direct the zombie fighter (wearing the GoPro camera) by telling him where to move and what to do, and guiding him through the undead hordes of zombies.

The character could be armed with various weapons picked up throughout the game to eliminate the zombies, and help the players to escape zombie-infested areas.

07_zombie game2

Here’s the video of Chatroulette viewers, probably tired of seeing unseemly things on the platform, were pushed straight into the game, ready to fight the zombie hordes with a crowbar.

And here’s the equally entertaining behind the scenes.

How would you react? Would you take your chance, immerse yourself, and use your experience of watching zombie apocalypse ‘instructional’ tv and movies to dish out some zombie destruction? Or would you simply click F2 and move on?