Call of Duty: Black Ops3 is one of the most anticipated games for the year 2015.

The most exciting development at this point, at least to us, seems to be the Specialist Character System in multiplayer. You get to choose different elite soldiers with the ability to customise how you look and sound. You have to level up and master their special ability (a bit like KOTOR) as well as develop the weapons. So standard stuff with a few twists thrown in.

You can see the trailer for COD 3 here:

And finally… Zombies are here!

It’s called Shadows of Evil, and the plot links with the Mob of Death from COD: Black Ops 2. Shadows of Evil is set in a noir 1940s with 4 new characters; Heather Graham; Jeff Goldblum; Neal McDonough and Ron Perlman.

This again shows the huge step of acting talent in video games coming from Activision and according to the hype, the back story on these characters is pretty impressive. I love these actors and the sci-fi nostalgia that they bring to the party from their own acting history should really add an extra layer of enjoyment to the fast and furious zombie fight.

Of course there are other upgrades such as  enhanced movements, more customization, detailed campaign and so on.

So what are you waiting for?

The guys over at Activision are releasing a standard and a deluxe ($99.99) version, we’ll have more details to follow on that shortly.

According the COD official website, the beta version will be released on the 19th of August for the PS4 and Xbox One.

Pre-order is available now, and we look forward to playing against you.

You can find more info on a glorious Zombies dedicated site here:

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