Bugs are in PS4s

The PS4’s has a bug problem. It’s most common fault when taken in for repair (according to my local tech repair crew) is that it’s loaded with bugs.

After reading an article by Kotaku on a cockroach problem with PS4’s in the States, I thought I would do some research in my own city – Melbourne.

Has this happened to you? Do you feel my pain? And why does this happen?

Snake in a PS4
So, someone found a fried snake in their PS4. Nasty. Source: Imgur

Consoles with their often dark design placed in the corner of a room offer a seemingly safe haven for these critters. It’s like walking down a street where everything is closed and then suddenly a coffee shop pops up – you go in and get settled and never want to leave.

The PS4 has very wide ventilation grates which allow access for bugs, much more than in other machines. And this is a problem in Australia, where the bugs can be very, very bad for you. These vents are also at the bottom of the PS4 so those little guys can climb right on up.

cockroaches in the PS4
And these are fried cockroaches. Source: Reddit

The warmth of the machine as it heats up is also very appealing to bugs.

The PS4 is actually warmer than the Xbox Unfortunately, once the bugs are in the PS4 they seem to have a hard time getting out, which I discovered when the repair store opened up the machine before my eyes. Crispy, crunchy and deteriorating bugs. Lovely.

The bad thing, is that Sony won’t take the PS4’s into repairs, so you have to wander down to the repair stores like mine, voiding your warranty, to get them out. This often results in needing to replace the power supply and a few circuits. The bugs and their waste tend to melt into them. Nice. The repairmen then sterilise the machine.

To stop this from happening, get your machine off the floor. Simple.



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