The Chosen are tough, each of the 3 perfectly capable of sabotaging your missions. Need some tips for playing XCOM 2? Look no further.

For those of you who are new to the series, XCOM 2: War of the Chosen is an exciting turn based tactical game. It can be so fun and rewarding but can punish you if you don’t know what you’re doing. These 5 tips will help any struggling Commanders.

1. Back to basics. Troop movement.

On the battlefield it can be easy to get carried away and try to cover as much ground as possible. This can often lead to an enemy ambush especially with all that fog of war.

When your troops are concealed the last thing you want to do is break concealment. Especially on an extraction mission or Intel recovery mission.

A general rule of thumb should be; Don’t move your XCOM soldiers past your furthest soldier.

What this means is use your first action to move your soldier. If the coast is clear you can move them further with the second action if you desire. Don’t move any other soldiers further than this soldier.

Why? Because you could end up triggering Advent retaliation with one of your last movements. Then you are a bunch of sitting ducks begging to be flanked.

Dont forget, if you move with a sniper you can only fire with a pistol. Source – Steam Screenshot

2. Watch your budget and your supplies.

The second of our tips for playing XCOM 2 is about watching your budget and supplies. Taking on the Chosen isn’t just about going toe to toe in the field. You need to monitor your resources and spend them wisely to stand a chance. It can be really tempting to buy a bunch of nano vests and med kits but you are gonna want those supplies later. Sure buy a couple of things and don’t turn into a hoarder, it’s about finding balance.

The same goes for building facilities, you need to prioritise and plan ahead. You don’t want to find yourself short of power or short of resistance contacts. Don’t forget it’s not just about the initial cost but the upkeep that can be a real drain on your income.

This is what makes XCOM stand out compared to other strategy games.

Bonus tip, customise your soldiers to help spot them on the battlefield. Source – Steam Screenshot

3. The Chosen and The Lost – exploit their weaknesses.

The Chosen are definitely formidable but they aren’t invincible. They teleport on the map with a bunch of annoying abilities but they have weaknesses.

The weaknesses can be anything from taking extra damage from close quarters to taking increased damage from explosives. They also have adversaries, so make sure you know if they hate Reapers or Templers for example.

The Lost on the other hand don’t have weaknesses per say. They do however fall like a sack of bricks and can be put down with ease.

Whenever you kill a Lost you get a free action. This is great and let’s you wipe out a horde with ease. Play your cards right and you can take out half a dozen of these zombies in one turn per soldier no problem.

Provided you don’t need to move, target the easiest one to hit and kill first. Then kill as many as you can this way until you run dry. Then reload and repeat. Just remember to try to avoid explosions or grenades though it may be tempting with them all so close together.

The Viper King doesn’t have any weaknesses… Source – Steam Screenshot

4. Pick your rewards wisely. Engineers and scientists are your friends.

If you have a chance to pick between Intel, supplies or engineers and Scientists, then go for the engineers and scientists every time.

Engineers are essential especially early on. They excavate the ship gaining resources and can halve the construction time of facilities. When not doing so they can be stationed at many facilities for added bonuses.

Scientists are almost as important, they conduct research and allow you to develop weapons and armour. The more you have on site the shorter the research time.

Two new enemies from XCOM 2: War of the Chosen. Source – Steam Screenshot

5. 1 full health Advent soldier is better than 2 wounded Advent soldiers.

You don’t always get the opportunity to gang up on an enemy, but when you can it’s wise to. If 1 soldier can deal 6 damage then 2 can deal 12. Try to finish off your enemies before they finish off you.

Prioritise your targets, focus on what can do the most immediate damage to you. Don’t be afraid of overwatch if you can’t quite target the soldier you want to kill.

Well I hope you’ve learned a thing or two from these tips for playing XCOM 2. This is by no means a concrete guide but hopefully some of these tips will keep you in the fight.

Oh, and worth checking out what we though of the game too – we love it.

Also sideboob. Source – Steam Screenshot

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