oz comic-con
Oz Comic-Con. Source: Comic-Con

Oz Comic-Con is heading to Sydney next month. Are you on the fence about going or not sure what you’re in for? Here’s my experience of my first ever convention to give you a rough idea of what to look forward to.

Oz Comic-Con, as many of you will know, is a convention that brings the pop culture community together. You will experience anything from anime to gaming and everything in between.

I attended my first convention last year. I was really nervous and didn’t know what to expect. My cousin had mentioned it to me a couple of months earlier, and I was feeling what I believe the young kids refer to these days as ‘YOLO’ (is this an adjective?).

The Friday night before all the chaos began I picked up my wristband, a magic wand that gives you access to the venue, including panels and all that fun stuff.

oz comic-con
Conventions are fun. Source: amnesty.org.au

I arrived at the Melbourne Convention Centre early and waited in line, trying to prepare myself for what was about to happen. Once I entered the doors, I had no idea where to go, so I checked out every single store.

Now, when I say there’s a lot to see, I mean there is a lot to see. Imagine visiting every single shop at the Emporium on every level – that’s how much stuff you will see at Oz Comic-Con and any other convention you go to. You will never get bored.

The first panel I went to was a special preview of Red Billabong. Red Billabong is a supernatural type movie which is based in Australia. You rarely see Australian films being presented at conventions as most people go to Oz Comic-Con for the guests. So it was good to see that.

Special Screenings are the best. Source – justjared.com

The final thing I did for the day was meet John Barrowman (Arrow & Torchwood) and David Anders (iZombie & The Vampire Diaries).

The lines were horrible, especially for John. A little tip if a guest hasn’t been to Australia before: Expect the lines to be long. I would genuinely bring a camping stool or something like that if you can’t stand for long amounts of time. You meet some awesome people in the lines so use the time to calm your nerves as well. The most nervous I’ve ever been was when I met the Carver Twins in Sydney.

Every single person I’ve met at any convention is really down to earth and friendly, which makes going to conventions alone less stressful. Really, you’re never alone (deep and true).

That was my first convention experience. Everyone’s experience will be different, but at the same time, everyone’s experience will be awesome.

So, if you’re in Sydney, make sure to head down to the Sydney International Convention Centre between September 30th to October 1st. Trust me, Oz Comic-Con is not something you want to miss out on.

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