australian cosplay

Cosplay is a global phenomenon. But what role does Australian cosplay play (cosplayplay)?

Cosplay Origins

Cosplay rose to success in Japan and sections of Asia where there is a strong emphasis on popular culture. The actual term was first used in the 1930s when the World Science Fiction Convention was hosted in New York City. A Japanese guest to the convention used the abbreviations of ‘costume’ and the act of ‘role-playing’. Combining these produced the term ‘cosplay’.

Ever since, cosplay has continued to grow and grow in popularity.

We have also seen an explosion in respect to cosplay’s physical location, exposure and economic contribution. This has occurred to such an extent that they have conventions dedicated entirely for cosplayers. These events see whole hotels filled with cosplayers, celebrating and meeting each other to lift each other up as cosplayers. These conventions have also seen an increase in local business interest and media exposure.

Cosplay conventions quickly spread all over the world, reaching each corner of the globe. Along with that, the number of cosplayers grew, each showing their uniqueness and skills through their creations, which these conventions allow them to show off.

Jessica Nigri, Source: Katsucon

It was little time before competitions began to take place. These were not to harness hateful competition but to show how all cosplayers can help each other, lift each other and share their knowledge with each other about their passion.

Australia’s cosplay scene

Australia is increasingly feeling the full effects of the cosplay industry, and this exciting new arena is taking shape nicely, as so many Australian cosplayers can see.

There are increasing numbers of cosplay workshops, cosplay stock shops and cosplay clothing making its way into shops. Clearly, cosplay is experiencing steady success in Australia. This includes the enormous success of our Australian conventions such as Supanova or Oz Comic-con. (You can learn the best ways to survive these conventions here).

australian cosplay thor of oz
Thor of Oz, Source: Sydney Supanova

The future of Australian cosplay

With this we have also seen some people establish themselves as internationally famous professional cosplayers. They are great cosplayers, creative and dedicated in creating unique and amazing pieces of work.

A large majority of them are also active as game reviewers, Youtube celebrities and podcasters, with a few successfully selling their brand as cosplayers at conventions.

Major Sam, Source: C2E2 comic expo

This article is a dedication to all cosplayers all over the world – those who put in all those hours building and perfecting their cosplays, the amount of dedication in creating a masterpiece and the amazingly uniqueness brought to all costumes.

I hope the cosplay arena continuous to grow in Australia and becomes a part of the community as any other event, culture and passion.

Melbourne based cosplayer writing about...cosplay in Melbourne, amoung other geeky goodies. Avid Gamer(XBox Gamertag: Sanemaniac85), casual comicbook reader and Batman enthusiast.