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Kawaii all day at Animaga!

Get your fluro-coloured wigs out and your Samurai swords ready, Animaga is back, bigger and better than ever!

What is Animaga?

Think Comic-Con but exclusively for the Anime and Manga lovers of the the world. Animaga is a two day event loaded with cosplay competitions, video games, card duelling and karaoke. It’s also got the Maids Cafea cafe setting complete with service by Anime maids and butlers, who tend to break out into song and dance.

The main focus that the team at Animaga take is that this convention is centred around the experience of the attendee. Hosting interactive workshops, cosplay parades and video game competitions and singing competitions are just a few ways they do this.

Anime cosplay

Reika, guest cosplayer

Reika is a Japanese cosplayer with an endless list of beautifully crafted cosplays and well designed props. As a make-up artist and wig stylist, cosplays are immediately elevated and transformed into amazing works of art.

Identifying as a non-binary individual, many of their cosplays reflect this as featured cosplays include female, male and other gender fluid characters. This gender neutral world adopted from Anime has also influenced parts of other comic worlds.

HIKO, guest cosplayer

Tainwanese cosplayer, HIKO, develops most of her cosplays around other female Anime characters. Much of her stuff are very detailed and simple designs which all add up to an amazing looking cosplay.

Each cosplayer presented a ‘how to’ presentation on the main stage, which exhibits their own cosplay journey, the ingenious methods they adopt with cosplay and their pure passion for the art form. Plus, they have both been cosplaying for around 20 years, so they have some awesome tips and tricks.

What sets Animaga cosplay from the rest?

Cosplay-wise, Anime and Manga cosplays are more detailed, intricate and visually stunning. If you are a fan of any sort of Anime or Manga, you will know that each world has characters with elegantly destructive weapons and amazingly designed costumes – a cosplayer’s dream!

Weapons at Animaga

This sort of approach to detail has also had some influence over armoury seen from games such as League of Legends and World of Warcraft, as well as cosplayers’ own interpretations of things, such as Disney princesses as Sailor Moon characters.

For more information visit the Animaga convention website.

Check out the next Melbourne anime festival, on the 4th and 5th of November 2017.

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