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Me! Source: Nerdmania

For those interested in getting involved in cosplaying, here are a few easy cosplay tips.

Cosplay is a special and often genuinely meaningful passion (and sometimes career). And it’s a culture that is experiencing massive growth – particularly within Australia.

In a list only Steve Rogers could be envious of, here are some of our essentials for cosplayers looking to begin or build your cosplay brand.

Steve Rogers’ list, Source: Marvel

1. Cosplay what you love

A no brainer, but important to keep in mind. Cosplay what you love! Cosplay from the show, book, game, TV show that you are obsessed with and passionate about.

It definitely helps during those times when you are at breaking point on the floor trying to mould Worbla into a League of Legends character. Given the amount of dedication and commitment required to build a whole cosplay from scratch, during those trying times one must remember why it is you are making this.

Princess Padme cosplay
Padme Amidala cosplay, Source: star wars celebrations.

2. Get creative

Thinking outside the proverbial box is something cosplayers do best. When a piece of armour is being built, who else would think to use bottle caps in their cosplay?

Disney princess Bobba Fetts cosplays
Disney princess Bobba Fetts, Source: D23

The end result is the goal here. The journey will take you down a series of strange and complex paths, but hey, this is what you signed up for!

3. Stay active online

If you are wanting to build your followers online, start with a page. Either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, or all… except for scrolls via Raven, cause that takes forever!

But once you do, it’s important to be active and stay active. Your followers are as passionate and keen to build their cosplayer friends as you are, so keep them updated on your cosplay plans, progress shots or even some small reviews here and there.

4. Build your cosplay network

Capitalising on your social media print, you can now start the conversation with them, either online or in real life.

Many cosplay groups online are also great starting points to promote yourself as a cosplayer and meet other up and coming cosplayers.

The 100 group cosplay
The 100 group cosplay, Source: Supanova

4.1. Equally as important, include cosplay photographers in your network. It’s incredibly important that you get to know these photographers. Whose style do you prefer and which do the most justice to your cosplay?

The photographer taking a picture of your cosplay is just as passionate about taking the perfect shot as you are about showing off your cosplay.

5. Convention settings

Following on from the previous point, it is important to seek out settings that will do the most justice to your cosplay. Aside from seeking out dragons for you Daenerys cosplayers, you can find some awesome spots and even find other Game Of Thrones characters.

This can be by finding a location similar to your character’s movie or game, or it could just be a beautiful location with the perfect lighting and scenery.

This of course is excluding the photographers who have set up their lights, etc, in a particular location. But the majority tend to take pictures of cosplayers in interactive settings outside the convention floor.

Lara Croft Cosplay
Lara Croft Cosplay, Source: Patloika shoot

6. What sort of convention cosplayer are you?

During the actual convention there are several types of cosplayers present, but knowing which you are can influence your cosplaying around the convention area.

First, there are the cosplayers who put A LOT of time and effort into their cosplays, and they want to show off their hard work as best they can.

Secondly, there are the fandom cosplayers, who cosplay depending on the guest announcement, case in point, CW’s The 100. There are always characters from this show and they set up their schedule around guest autographs, photograph opportunities and panels.

Lastly, there are the people who are splitting images of a character. These cosplayers are treated like celebrities, and rightly so. Just check out our mate Thor of Oz and you’ll see why. They can often be seen running away from hoards of people chasing them for a photo. While this isn’t a separate category, these cosplayers have levelled up their cosplay.

Rick Grimes Cosplay
Rick Grimes Cosplay, Source: Infinity Con

So, there are my 6 quick cosplay tips! These can be for people first starting out as cosplayers or good reminders to those cosplayers who have made a name for themselves.

And if you’re looking for a good time to debut a cosplay, Comic-Con Australia is soon to hit Sydney!

If you can think of any other tips or tricks for cosplaying, please leave a comment in the section below!

Happy cosplaying!

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