Want to get involved in the convention scene? Have a read of this before you hit up up your first convention.

Convention season has begun. The next convention to hit Australian shores is Oz Comic-Con in Sydney at the end of September. But are you ready for the event (and any others)? I have come up with 10 ways to survive your first convention.

Conventions are fun
Conventions are fun. Source: Comic-Con.

1 – Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is key. Water will get you through the whole day. Plus, Australia officially has the best water in the world, so you’ve literally got not excuses. 

2 – Wear comfortable shoes

This is an event designed for you to bring out your most outrageous shoes. Don’t be that girl that wears high heels to a convention – you will have your legs amputated afterwards trust me.

Crocs are definitely a big no no as well, both for comfortability and style. Just listen to Simon.

wear comfy shoes in life
Simon says wear comfy shoes. Source: Pinterest.


Check the schedule. Make a list of guests you want to see and make sure the sessions don’t clash; be on time to everything. Walking in late to a panel session is so embarrassing, especially if the guest points you out.

4 – FOOD!!!!!!

If Spidey remembers you can too. Source: YouTube.
Who doesn’t love food. Make sure you have it regularly throughout the day. This will make you feel energised and hyped when you see your guests.

5 – Meeting Spots

A lot of first time convention attendees usually go with family or friends. Make sure you arrange a meeting spot in case your phone goes flat. These conventions are pretty big and it’s quite easy to get lost. Stay with your buddies, buddies.

6 – Volunteers are the greatest people you’ll ever meet

Volunteers are fans just like you and want you to have a good time. If you don’t know where something is, ask a volunteer and they will help you out. Trust me when I say no question is a stupid question.

If you want to ask a weird question or think it’s a weird question, ask it, trust me they would get asked things stranger (I once asked about the best ways to hug superheroes… it was a weird day).

7 – Pre-Purchase Tokens and Tickets

first convention
See that mass of humans? Join the cue. Source: Comic-Con.
Buy your tickets to the events online, as well as photograph and autograph tokens. The lines are brutal. Save time so that you can spend time enjoying buying merch and having a fun. Who doesn’t like fun? (No seriously, show yourself). Bring a folder to put your photos and autographs in as well. It will save them in time.

8 – Cash Only

Most merchandise places will only take cash, so take money out before you get to the convention, it will save you time. The lines go for light years.

9 – Recharge Me

Bring a portable charger to charge your phone. You don’t want to miss out taking a selfie with Elsa and Anna or Batman. As much as you need food to stay energised, so should your tech devices.

10 – Guests

first convention
One at a time please! Source: Comic-Con.
Guests are people too. Don’t ambush them when you seem them on the floor. Be patient when waiting as well, they can hear everything you say. I haven’t experienced it first-hand but you just never know. You could be talking how you want to jump their bones and it’s extremely awkward when you pose for a photo or get their autograph. Gotta love them awkward situations.

So, there you have the best 10 ways to survive your first convention. Follow these steps and you will have an unforgettable at what convention you attend. Now it’s time for the awesomeness!

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