We’re a site for movies, gaming, anime and technology content. We’re generated by a community of FanWriters. We also have an editorial and video team in Melbourne, Australia.

Origins of, and about Digital Fox

When we first launched, Digital Fox set about on a mission to give talented younger people a platform to get experience in publishing, marketing, writing, video production and content development. We built a little site developed to craft content for learning and pleasure, and it escalated quickly (sorry, obligatory AnchorMan quote there).

We’re now a zero stress publisher and content production team based in Melbourne with a huge focus on team spirit. We believe that you can get the best performance out of talented people by removing pressure and expectation and giving creative license and a platform to work on.

We have a passion for the small stories as well as the mainstream ones and like to be as creative as we can in promoting these. If we believe a project deserves some attention, we pursue it. So stand up and shout if you think you have something worth shouting about. We also partner with brands to produce some cool stuff too.

What we’ve ended up with is a collective of passionate and like-minded lovers and providers of entertainment, which create one hell of a team. If you want involvement, or can help us in any way, as a creator, a partner, or a fan, drop us a line.

Founded: 2017

HQ: Melbourne

FanWriters: Global

Publications: Digital Fox, Movie Wolf, Gaming Gorilla, Anime Dragon, Tech Rhino