Rumour of an android update

When was the last time you have been offered an automatic security update or bug fix for your smartphone or tablet?

In my 6-year Android usage history, that has never happened!

One of the reasons for such a software update slowness might be in so much different versions that are currently used out there. According to Android experts, it is really about time that mobile devices manufacturers issue new fixes faster. Seems like Android update system will finally start to work!

Android developers have recently been working hard to patch a vulnerability called Stagefright.

This bug could open a passage for hackers, allowing them to access your smartphone data just by sending you a multimedia message. The good news is that this latest security hole might actually make Android OS – safer!

Consequently, the big players like Google, Samsung and LG have said that many of their handsets will get the security fix, and also further software updates on a monthly basis.

Of course, this won’t be an easy process, because the manufacturers are responsible for sending these updates on their devices, many of which are still running on too old Android versions that are no longer being updated at all. Or have mobile carriers’ software added additionally in the devices.

However, all that fuss about ‘awakening Android system update from the dead’ still doesn’t mean you will get a patch today or tomorrow.

It is still too early to give you more details regarding release date, but it is likely to be that most devices can expect their patches in weeks instead of months.