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Learn Everything You Need To Know about the latest Firefall Update!

The wonderful, massively multiplayer sci-fi extravaganza Firefall has had a ginormous update recently. Seeing as we’ve already covered the base game, we here at Digital Fox jumped at the chance to take a look at the latest version of the game, but what did we find? Well, let’s take a look at the Firefall update!

Well, Red5 have mostly been rolling out small updates for the game over the course of its life (with occasional overhaul), so to have any kind of big update is pretty exciting. It’s been in place for a little while now, but due to some teething problems I left it a little bit before diving in to experience what’s new. Plus, this means that this article won’t be full of some of the more significant bugs!

The most obvious change when you jump into the game is the graphics overhaul.

Textures have been spiced up a bit, and if you’re running the game on high graphics settings it does look incredible. There have also been additions to the landscape in the way of new (and old) buildings that have had their appearances altered slightly, so the settlements feel nice and fresh.

Overall, the visual upgrade makes for a much better experience, and it’s been nice to see some of the settlements looking more fleshed out and vibrant. Skydock now looks utterly awesome, so definitely head on over and have a run along the light bridges. I have been experiencing some frame rate drops with all the graphics turned up to full, though, so if you experience the same then taking the graphics down a notch should fix it.

firefall update - scenery
Restarting the campaign missions back in good ol’ Copacabana. Screenshot captured in-game.

For those of us that have played the game before, the Firefall update reset all story quests due to some new additions and alterations to the mechanics.

Although having to start over was irritating, they have added in some new quests and , whilst the story quests enforce a level debuff for the duration of a quest, your weapons retain their firepower. This means that, even with the level debuff, veterans of the game will still have over-levelled weapons to power through the early game.

The new quests are interesting and take you to some funky locations, further bringing to life the state of the Earth under the influence of the melding. There appear to have been a couple of new random events added to the world as well! Anyone who plays Firefall will know that chosen invasions, crashed Thumpers, and wrecked LGVs are fairly common, but now it would seem you can run into cars surrounded by runaway robots that throw out large amounts of crystite (money) when you destroy them. It’s a fairly small addition, but a fun one nevertheless.

firefall update - dropped for mission
Being dropped deep into the melding for a rescue mission. Screenshot captured in-game

Although no significant changes were made to my class (Assault) during the Firefall update, the Engineer’s turrets have been nerfed.

This has been a bit of a sticking point as the turrets are the defining feature of combat for that class, so understandably people have been a little irritated to find that their unique combat style is now less effective. Thankfully, I haven’t heard about any significant gripes with any of the other classes so far.

firefall update - caverns
The world looks as fascinating as ever. Screenshot captured in-game.

There have also been changes to the system for upgrading and modding your battleframe, as well as having perks that you can add to your frame for further improvements. You can now add modules to every part of your battleframe rather than just changing its cores and special abilities. Repairing is also now more important, as once an item has degraded it’s gone.

firefall update - light bridges
The funky light bridges of Skydock – don’t look down. Screenshot captured in-game.

There are players complaining that endgame zones have been removed, but the reasoning for this is that Red 5 are overhauling the campaign side of the game. The story missions are being fleshed out and content is now being restructured for later readdition (if they are to be believed). If they hold true to their promise then Firefall will be an exciting and wonderfully fleshed out game by the end of the year. I will maintain some scepticism, but if the developers can keep up the level of work they put into the first section of this latest overhaul then we can look forward to a truly great end product.